After the debacle of selling the Giant disc SS to pay for my cracked zipps then changing my mind about rebuilding them and subsequently regretting immensely selling the Giant, i had a bit of cash burning a hole in my pocket.

But sometimes things happen for a reason i guess :slight_smile:

Enter, the Capo commuter.

I had been eyeing one for a while now, but its either been interstate, not the right size or i had just missed out. When this one popped up on gumtree i jumped. Only problem was it was listed at a price that belonged in the ‘Optimistic’ thread

So after making a more realistic offer (which was about half his asking price) i was able to talk him into letting it go, it was still more then id want to pay, but knowing these things dont come around often, in my size, local, and in pretty good nick, i bit the bullet. Lucky i had a bit of spare cash in my pocket :wink:


2011 Cannondale Capo
Mavic Opens to DA 7600 hubs on Conti GP4ks
105 Brakes / SRAM S500
105 Compact Cranks converted to single ring on BBR60 bottom bracket
White Industries 16t freewheel
Fizik Arione on a generic post
Cannondale C4 100mm to Cannondale C3 42m compact bars
BBB adhesive brake cable guide
Garmin VIRB to record Perths shit drivers

Damn. 10/10.

Very nice jase. Mine’s the same frame but I didn’t get the original fork with it.

Did you manage to get a ~42mm chainline on those cranks?

Looks sick, what Garmin mount is that?

Looks great Jase.

cheers lads!

Snow, no idea on exact chainline, eyeball gauge says im out by a few mm, im not fussed.

K-edge aero garmin/go pro combo.

Fucking ace Jase

TC but: I don’t understand what a Capo is. SS road bike? TT bike?

cheers pete!

Good question, think its meant to be an actual track geometry frame thats also suited to street use. Although the single set of bidon holes on the ST makes no sense.

some catalogue dribble

Hit the boards or the mean urban streets in style aboard Cannondale’s Capo. This boss bike sports Cannondale’s light, stiff CAAD5 aluminum frame with understated styling that’s equally at home blowing by competitors in the velodrome or handling start-and-stop traffic. A flip-flop hub lets you choose from a fixed-gear (no coasting!) or singlespeed setup depending on the ride. Plus, the Capo sports brakes and drop bars for greater versatility and plentiful hand positions. So whether you’re in the bike lane, the fast lane or the sprinter’s lane, the Capo rides it in grace and style

Ah so it’s a Sw8fixae especially designed to be one by a big manufacturer. Pretty rad street bike I imagine.

I’d say it’s more likely, here’s how we get on the fixie bandwagon with a frame we already have all the tooling for. AFAIK, it’s a CAAD5 track frame with a couple of minor changes and a road fork.

Makes no difference to me though. I love my Capo.

Swap out the wheels to something low profile and lighter.
Other than that, looks sickkk jase

cheers H, yeah, eyeing off a silver wheelset, archetypes to phils would be nice, but $$. I know of set aeroheads to phils that i think would be reasonably priced, or a set of archetypes to formulas from velomine. Theres a local dude selling a set of TB14s to formulas for 2 hunge-ish…but i dunno if i like box sections on it.

This sums up how I feel about my Capo.

Jase, I really like the 105 cranks on this.

cheers mocs! im pretty happy the way it turned out as well :smiley: Not everyones cup of tea but im a fan

Happy with where its at now, DA7600 to opens, S500 levers, found some adhesive brake cable guides and cleaned up the cables.

Nice. Very similar to mine.

I did 102km on my Capo this morning. Such a great bike.

Great minds and all that aye :smiley: