English as She Is Spoke

Hear hear is correct. I know somethink.

You guys are the suppository of wisdom.

I’m not sure I understand, can you please be more pacific?

I think my wife is making pumkin soup tonight.

Defiantly staying in here for the lolz

I’d put the next one in a sentence but i can be stuffed.

Medium strip.

Really not liking where this conversion is going.

I bought home the bacon today.

you guys are putting this thread on a peddle stool.

From a female co-worker many years back:

“Yeah the party was lame, I ran out of UDLs, then my ex arrived and I had to escape goat out of there.”



That stool is right next to my chester drawers.


This thread is going in the top draw.

Saw a segment on ABC news last night about meth addiction in African ghettos and one of the gang bosses referred to teens smoking meth as an “escape goat” from their problems.

TC: I chuckled a little bit.

I found out yesterday that my mum is ‘wrapped’ with her Mother’s Day present

someone in my class said “intensive purposes” today, made me think of this thread.

can’t believe no-one here drinks expresso or cup of chinos…

with my beard the chino gets all over my face.

Had a great visual but my MS Paint skills couldn’t pull it off. Wish I could install gimp on my work PC.

Bloody ATM machines and PIN numbers.