entry level track bike?

Hi guys, i’m thinking of starting some track racing and i’m looking to buy a track bike. Any recommendations for an entry level track bike? Maybe say around the range of 1k?

The hillbrick pista’s that seem to be a velodrome standard for loaners are a reliable enough steed.

you have lots of options, but it depends on what you want. something modern? classic steel frame? most importantly, make sure you get something well sized for you.

i can recommend this bike a friend is selling :wink:

just add drop bars.

the hillbricks are popular and everyone seems to like them.
i got an avanti pista and like it, the steering is twitchy but you get used to it
the felt tk3 is probably a couple of hundred above 1k but they are good entry level.
or look at a good second hand frame and wheels, and cheapper components that will get you by and just replace them out as you find more money.

Go to the local tracks hire or borrow a bike from the local club (contact them first maybe), start racing on that- and then ask what is around- You could find something very nice a kid has grown out of- You may also find that someone knows someone who works in a shop and they have a 2007 something for less than half price.

this is good advice.

Thanks for the advice fellas! I’ll probably drop by DISC this Sunday for the skills sesh run by brunswick.

My first choice would be steel, but i know with my budget it’ll be kinda hard to.

icecream: I was looking at that bike last night! S-w-e-e-t ride but i doubt it’s my size :cry: I run a 56cm TT on my roadie. I’m 180cm short

user coffee has something similar in your size.


very nice indeed.

can’t access that link, reckon it’s off limits to me.

Try this link (same bike) – you have 18 minutes!

[http://cgi.ebay.com.au/VIVALO-NJS-Track-Bike-fixed gear bicycle-Frame-Fixed-Gear_W0QQitemZ180481798256QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Sport_Cycling_Bikes?hash=item2a058db070](http://cgi.ebay.com.au/VIVALO-NJS-Track-Bike-fixed gear bicycle-Frame-Fixed-Gear_W0QQitemZ180481798256QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Sport_Cycling_Bikes?hash=item2a058db070)

keep posting in this thread.

i rode one of the club bikes for my first 6 months of racing track - even rode it in an open. it had a wonderwoman sticker on the front and was, not surprisingly, known as wonderwoman. it’s a 56. ask for it.

BT Stealth. :wink:

yeah 22 pointless ones to go, things to talk about include

  • what sort of paint job you should rock
  • where to buy cheap aerospokes/velocitys from
  • whats the best tyre to run

Points noted!

Pink’s my dream paint job btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw that also, there’s a dint in the frame, i’m a bit sceptical

will look out for it! Just wondering, should the size of the track frame be smaller/same as the size of my roadie?

If I were you I’d ask user coffee about it – he’s a stand up guy from all accounts and when he says ‘small dint’ without more I expect that means it is nothing to be concerned about. It’s an awesome bike and is worthy of further inspection.

same size. some folks go a little smaller, but i wouldn’t worry about it.

yep. and he also frequently attends the sunday morning DISC training sessions. shoot him a pm, perhaps he can bring it down for you to take a look.

Alright i will pm him.