EOI – Gong ride (Winter classic)

Hey all

Any Sydney folks be interested in a rerun of the epic(^TM) Winter Gong Classic circa. 2010?

It was my first longer group ride with the Saturday breakfast crew (struggled hard up RNP hills) and was a lot of fun. Possible route: start somewhere in Sydney CBD, ride to Loftus then into RNP (OR ride to Cronulla then ferry to Bundeena/RNP), through RNP to Bald Hill, then down past Stanwell Park, Sea Cliff Bridge, and stop at Scarborough Pub.

Just putting it out there as an idea. If people are interested we can look at route options and dates.

Oh shit, I remember that ride! I think that was the longest ride I’d done at that point, had just gotten a proper road bike. And yeah, those climbs through the RNP pretty much broke me but had a heap of fun.

I’m into it as an idea, would be keen to tag along. Whether I can actually get there is dependent on family factors and such: life has gotten suddenly a lot busier since the eldest started school. 2 bloody birthday parties this weekend…

Pending work travel I would be interested for sure.

I’m an also interested dependant on other factors- namely the dependants.

keen if im fixed by then! Dave can tow us up the hills hehe

Yeah, I’m interested pending work/family. Would be good o catch up.

The ‘winter classic’ was held at least twice yeah? But I remember having got the Lemonlime built up and trying (unsuccessfully) to keep up with Terrence on the hills until it was just all pain. I had all sorts of stuff packed into my Crumpler because it was a long ride you know.

Oh, and I think you mean finish at Scarborough pub?


Someone needs to pick a date.

June 9/10 or the 30th/1 July?

Cool. Looks like a small crew are interested at least.

Me too. Same multiple birthday issue coming up next Saturday. So 8th June at least probably out for me.

Yes, and yes (finish if too many post-ride carbonated recovery drinks are consumed). Not sure I did both classics, but I do remember doing at least one of them on an older roadie kitted out with Campy 9 speed record (thanks Spirito). Sketchy/noodly damn frame that was.

On dates generally I’ll check about end of June (30 Jun, 1 Jul). Probably too soon to go next weekend for me. Need more time these days to arrange around kids and family stuff. Also, trying to sell house so Sunday’s likely to work better for me because Saturday’s are when the agents have open houses (i.e. all the cleaning that goes on before them).

Dave is inconsiderate. I can’t organise shit that quickly either, and I’ve got stuff on Sat/Sun for the next two weeks anyway.
Sundays are also much better for me, in that Saturdays are pretty much impossible. I’ve got my daughter’s birthday on 1/7 so that’s out for me. Week after? Will give me a chance to get over this cold and maybe even get up the hills.

It’s also entirely possible that no weekend in the next 6 months is free for me.

1 July? A bit of lead time to get things sorted, and personally it’s not a work weekend for me, so it’s in the 50% of weekends that are at least possible.

Classic Dave.

Can’t do July 1st, got Esther’s b’day party. But don’t worry too much about me if it works for everyone else.

I misread your post Jono, I can do another week, and taking a day off work is a possibility too.

A week or two after?

How about 2 weeks after? So the 15th July.
Might seem a long way out but extra lead time will make life easier for the dads…

Don’t you have a city to run?

This is probably a good idea, doing it the weekend after two weeks away for work is probably a stupid idea anyway. I’m inconsiderate AND stupid

You’re just enthusiastic mate! You bring good energy and chi.

I don’t like chi. What’s wrong with coffee?