ESCAPE FROM THE SUBURBS - Sunday, April 18th

Technically this is #2, but the first one happened on the other side of the world so it’s like a new beginning…

Escape From The Suburbs
Sunday 18th April 2010
Meet at Hurstbridge station, Hurstbridge.
Rego at 2, Race starts at 3
One checkpoint: Doncaster Shoppingtown
Finish at the Melbourne Museum
Ride what you like, special prizes for fixed / ss racers.

For those that are thinking about it… the approx race distance is ~35km, and the only checkpoint isn’t on a trainline. If you decide to get a car ride mid-race you are only cheating yourself (and dont think xBBx wont call you out publicly via his multiple presences :wink:)

Study up your melways kids - the journey is up to you.

Prizes prizes prizes!

Cell Bikes have generously kicked in a huge amount of swag, including a Cileto Frameset in your size. Built from lugged Cr-Mo with PAUL style track ends w/ adjusters. This will go randomly to someone who enters.

There’s also stuff from Coffee Supreme, Knog, Tattoo Connection, Fitzroy Revolution, Crumpler, thelittlestbaker.

If you don’t take something home, then you’re the polar opposite of nikcee and should avoid ladders and black cats.

This is going to be awesome.


shit yeah! Really looking forward to this!

I highly recomend taking Reynolds Rd, right after Wattle Glen :evil:

I love this idea…


dead keen~~!!!

well, that depends on where the one checkpoint is, doesn’t it, smartypants.

it will be revealed soon. you will have time to study your melways and argue about routes.

I reckon it should be revealed on the day

that’s ok.

it will be revealed soon, so you will have time to study your melways and argue about routes.

xbrendanx if you can bilocate you’re one miracle away from beatification … can you turn wine into water?
Ben Folds - Rockin’ The Suburbs
$5? $10?

Man the locals are going to have an advantage on this big time. The only time I’ve ever been through Hurstbridge is on the Kinglake loop.

and that’s why all the details are going to be revealed beforehand. hell, you can even take your melways with you if you want.

I’m gonna turn my Melways into an epic spoke card.

The only thing I’m confused about is April 17th is a Saturday…(please keep it on the Saturday!)

oops. my bad.

and sorry, it’ll be sunday the 18th.

Damn. Oh well, plenty of time to think up some excuses…

The use of cue cards, route maps, garmins, race radios and pre-race rollers are entirely encouraged! :sunglasses:

The smart kids will probably go and try a few different routes beforehand…

we will also post an outbound train time for those that arent getting a team car ride to the start :roll:

hire a taxi in hurstbridge, then motorpace it back to the city. budget Team car!