Events unrelated to bikes

Like ZOLTAN’s thread in the Adelaide forum, this is here to put the word out about events you’re keen to check out that aren’t related to bikes.

So much happens in Melbourne each week/month/year and i thought we could have a similar thing to “what’s on” but with a much more ‘known’ audience.

so this thread is for posting up events that you wanna check out, whether it’s a massive thing like melbourne writers fest, melbourne food and wine etc or just a decent exhibition/show/festival/car show you think others here may be interested in.

i’ll start.

i went to the valhalla social cinema on saturday night for their horror/fantasy marathon and it was pretty awesome.

so i’m super keen to check out their ‘drive in’ version on october 18th. bikes or cars are welcome, it’s held at genovese coffee in east brunswick.

details are here - Valhalla Social Cinema. Home of cult film screenings, movie marathons and pop up drive ins.

so who else is doing something worth sharing?

*i know i’ve been plugging these guys a bit lately, but that’s coz i think they’re cool and they help us out hugely for the FOA film nights.

I’d be going if I didn’t fly out the day before. Bit gutted I didn’t make Saturday TBH.

Korben Dallas multipass!

There’s a bunch of tallships in Williamstown at the moment. Most will sail for Hobart this Friday/Saturday. You can visit them before they leave. Or sail to Hobart on one! Bring a spew bag…

Melbourne International Tall Ship Festival 2013

see, that’s kinda cool and i’d normally have no idea!

thanks gel murrrrrrr

Thank you Jelmer. I am really looking forward to heading there tomorrow.
I’m going to keep a close eye on this thread, 3 posts in and already it’s produced the goods.

how was it?

million dollar question: does the presence of the breeders, the jesus lizard and television make it worth going to all tomorrow’s parties? none of them are playing side shows…

yea. atp is so much better than the likes of BDO, soundwave, meredith etc.

yeah, it’s only one day, limited to 5 thousand people, aimed at an older audience (hence presence of so many bands big in the 90s…).

^The main thing that’s holding me back right now is that venue. Seeing Sleep and The Jesus Lizard in that huge ass hall could go either way.

i also figure i can rock up late and just see the bands i want… that’s another definite advantage. plus, bands finished by 11 = out of altona before midnight.

and it’s relatively dickhead-free.

last year the biggest dickheads there were me and karina.

Talking about Australia?

whilst rolling around town last night I discovered the Bob Barker & Steve Irwin are both at Docklands while the tall ships are at Williamstown.

after calling out hello to the figure watching me from the Steve Irwin (I was takin some snaps, clearly not a threat…) I was told they’re there til Sunday & doing free tours from 9-5pm if you’re interested.

I also learnt that fuck buttons are pretty good.

^^They’re playing October as part of the Melbourne festival. New album is goooood.

i have pondered this question as well… saw some breeders reunion live footage recently and was impressed.

I went to the February ATP. The main stage shed was a total hot-house due to the weather that weekend, but I thought it was fine otherwise - good sound, food options were dece, lines for beer were short enough.

My quiz team became a de facto FOA team last night! We did not claim the free dinners, alas.

Does haitch stand for Hayden??