ever wanted a disc cross check? Specialized made one.

surly got gazumped.

2013 tricross, steel, tiagra triple , BB5s, lots of beard braze ons.

I built up the brushed aluminium version at work on Friday, looked very nice once finished. Very tempted to purchase one.

Will be hot property in 2033, beardos don’t do innovation until 20+ years later, most beardos are begrudgingly accepting indexed down tube shifters just now…

Yeah, and these crazy things called Clinchers?

Is tiagra any good?

Not beardo. For mtb’rs wanting to make the jump to drop bars. They can’t get their heads around cantis.

Didn’t Tiagra get an overhaul with the rest of the Shimano range? Still sporting the 7800 style.

The secteur disc is an interesting addition to the 2013 line as well.

Good article here with bike weights too:
2013 Specialized Road, Cyclocross & Triathlon Bikes – Complete Overview & Actual Weights - Bike Rumor

I don’t really understand who is going to buy an s-works allez… is this a crit thing?

Kanye better look out, at 13lbs off the rack, every chump will have access to a weight weenie.

Seems several of the big companies are getting in on the ‘boutique’ market
this is a trek sawyer

Back to the Tricross-check, wonder if they will offer frame only, and hopefully the price will be competitive with Surlys framesets.

Did they ever! Oh well. You snooze you loose. Nice looking bike. Pity the spec is a bit too middle of the road.

Looks to be pretty much the same as old 105 5600 series. Although the cranks aren’t hollowtech I don’t think.

^I think he was being sarcastic.

I’m getting old.
I like the bike although it’s made by an evil multi national corporation so perhaps the beardos won’t like it?

The S-Works Allez is like the Mclaren Venge, more of a concept (only 50). However they are going to produce a very similar Allez Race which employs the same welding technique:

Amazingly, the Allez Race was completely absent from the presentation. It uses the same frame as the new S-Works but comes in at just $2,000. Product manager Brent Graves says this model provides the best speed per dollar. It has an aluminum seatpost. The money was spent on high end Turbo tires, a carbon fork and FSA SL-K cranks. It’s built for riders that are concerned with getting the most crit performance for the buck and aren’t worried about getting all the gee-whizzery to soothe their ego or impress friends.


As for the spec being MOR, it’s about the same as what surly offers with their complete XChecks.
I’d happily ride this as a commuter, but I get the feeling my XCheck is gonna last forever and will never need replacing.

^Same. Given I live in Melbs and use my Xcheck pretty much only for commuting I doubt I’m gonna need discs for any epic descents. I’ve agree it is weird Surly hasn’t put the disco check out yet, they refer to it as a concept on their site but no bike

I was thinking about getting discs for my cross check, could use the disc trucker forks and get a mount put on the rear

Oh, I didn’t read that whole blurb… so it is a crit thing.

COTIC road rat did it. Steel, black, geared or SS or fixed, drops or flat bar, disc or canti, plenty of eyelets, 132.5mm spacing.

But I do like that tricross.

Is it difficult to make a curved steel fork handle disc brakes? Cotic bikes usually have a carbon fork