Every Day Carry - EDC

So after my little thread about bags and seeing how nerded out some of you got. It got me thinking about what you carry with you in those bags… both as a cyclist and and a pedestrian. There is a blog that I check out daily that shows what people keep on their person. Some of it is a little extreme, but it is interesting at the same time.

Feel free to do a pocket dump / bag dump and show us what you cart around! I would start off but I need to go finish dinner. Mrs Ezy is getting hungry.

wait, everyone one of those posts contains a knife. What kind of every day do these people have?

we did one on tools a while back: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f4/essential-tools-21106/

EDIT: Seems the Sig Sauer P238 is the gun of choice for these crazy fuckers!

The EDC guys are crazy. And some of them are packing much more than a knife alibi

Also knives are a great tool, and I believe something that has helped human beings achieve what we have.
Some muppets use them for ill, and that makes me Sad

Some muppets use them for ill, and that makes me Sad


[QUOTE=nexus;418413]we did one on tools a while back: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f4/essential-tools-21106/

Nooooo… I am an essential tool for not using the search button!

since 2010 i’ve stopped moving my knife from bag to bag due to this…

The new powers mean they (Police) can search people even without a suspicion they possess weapons.

And the laws are about to get a lot tighter

This is an awesome site! Thanks for the link! Some seriously nice high-end kit on there. This will be dangerous for my wallet for sure.

Some serious overkill in some instances! These guys love their flashlights too!!

Having had some experience with the p238’s bigger bro… (compact is illegal in AUS) there are a variety of other compact options that I would prefer to carry/use. Whatever works!

A lot of love for Spyderco. Knives as well. Great kit, I love mine!

Here is my bike kit. Sorry for the shitty iphone pic

Spare tube
C02 inflater with spare bulb
Crank Bros Multi tool
Lezyne hand pump for a back up
Park tools puncture kit
Tyre lever
Roll bag from Etsy

great, another site my work will ban me from

This is really annoying, a nice knife for utility/work/camping purposes is something that I would find immensely handy and something I have had on my mind to purchase. I Probably still will, I’ll just have to be extra careful as to where I take it.

Yeah, I never, ever, ever carry a knife. I’ve never had a need for one.


you guys don’t roll with a knife and an E2D LED defender… weak :wink:

^^ How much does all that weigh? Looks heavy.

Shit, there are some seriously rad looking knives out there! Why do these guys all need them, though?

heavy kinda…
lethal very…

I am actually a little bit scared at all those little guns. I feel that if i acted like i do here in Australia I probably would be picking .22 shell’s out of my person every few days.