Every Day Carry - EDC

It’s not like you wouldn’t deserve it buddy…

Must weigh more than your Parlee.

Like fuck I carry that shit around…

A torch designed to stab some one in the face with… Haha

I was giffted the knife ( which is illegal now in Europe cause you can flick it open real easy ) and the torch by a crazy German friend who love these kinda toys…

The torch is crazy bright though And the knife sharp enough to shave with…

SK - Calm down darling, I can come down to the mean streets of Bondi and give you a hug if you want?

On topic: I have a saddle bag on my porteur that will now be filled with the following:

crank brothers 17 tool.

opinel no.8 - used for daily chores such as fruit cutting, can opening, whittlin’.

shit named but useful tool for everything else on my bike.

I don’t regularly carry tubes, etc, as I ride in the city where such amenity is normally pretty close by (or, worst case scenario, a sneaky train ride home).

I also carry:

for tasty tasty BPA free water.

You put it out there princess

You got a copy of this too?

You say this like Whittling isn’t badass as fuck?

I wish!

In all seriousness, whittling is awesome.

I loved whittling as a kid. My mum has something like that owl that someone whittled her.

This is pretty badass too hey?

I see nothing wrong with this picture.

Haha things become clear :smiley:

except the fading jersey tan lines…

Haha touché Ev.

This dude has so many things going for him. He owns his own land, even his own accommodation, and has the means to protect it against wrong-doers or thieves. He’s happy enough just chillin’ in his overalls and playing the banjo on, what looks like, a super nice and sunny afternoon. He’s happy enough with his life, and that’s something a lot of people with a whole lot more can’t even say. This picture is a metaphor for fucking LIFE, dude!

And is that a solar garden lamp? Dude got that ca$h money.

You should go out side more often :stuck_out_tongue:

owl thread please.

I only leave the house to play Banjo and Whittle, and I’m all outta whittlin’ sticks…

Shame, going out for a ride is pretty good I hear.

You have terrible sources, man. Riding bikes is over and whittling is coming back in a massive way.

Not at my house I got get my money’s worth…