Ezy in town this weekend

Just a quick heads up - I am going to be in town for my cousins wedding from Saturday morning - Monday afternoon. Not sure how much spare time I will have, but if possible it would be rad to meet up with some of my fav FoA brothers for a quick beer or coffee. Once I know where I am staying I will update you all - pretty sure I am staying near the botanical gardens as that is where the wedding is at.

If the wedding’s Sat afternoon/evening, what about Sunday night beers?

Wedding is Sat afternoon. I think I have a follow up dinner on Sunday night though for my Aunties 60th. I need to see when I have some free time.

Keen for something, but my parents and in-laws are in town this weekend due to baby P!N2’ 2nd birthday, but keep me posted and I’ll see what I can swing.

If all else fails - pre-work coffee Monday morning?

you have my number, calllllllllllll me.

so, ah, what time is the wedding and which part of the gardens? i assume it’s gonna be catered…?

Haha. Wedding Crasher! Wedding Crasher!

Just found out that the 60th Bday thing is a Sunday lunch. So Sunday night is good at this stage for beers. Will confirm with Mrs Ezy to see if she wants to meet my internet friends. How do I sell this? Rolly is known as the Owl guy in our house hold.

Just tell her we ride fixies…

tell her it’s a beard and moustache gathering.

she can borrow the travesty and get internet famous.

I have my NHL playoff beard growing at the moment. It’s so itchy. So anyone who is going to be trying to do the european kissing greeting thing is going to get some sort of rash.

Alright - staying at Seasons Botanic Gardens - 348 St Kilda Rd.
Looks like there is a tram that runs on that road, so gaining access into the cbd is pretty straight forward? Or if there are any better options for pubs around me. Holla.

i’m still recovering from that last rash you gave me.

i can lend you a bike if you need one.


Brendan, I think we are even for GBs. Habs beat leafs last game. You know that the Habs are in the playoffs right? They are in the first round against the Senators.

I don’t think we will need the bikes. Might be too much stuffing around to work out the logistics etc. Trains / trams and walking will do.

you’ll need a myki, but yeah, easy.

if you both want bikes, holla.

no pubs around st kilda road, 'cept maybe Belgian Bier Cafe.
but yeah, about a million trams head along st kilda rd every day.

are you getting Skybus into city? then you’ll need to buy myki’s at Southern Cross station.

Yep - skybus into Southern Cross then we will pick up a myki.

Does anyone use transport apps? I can see one for Public Transport Victoria and Metlink. When we were overseas these things were awesome to plan how to get around the city.

I did go to this place a few years ago.

Taphouse on 184 Carlisle St.

EDIT. That place is nowhere near me. Ah well.

A bike? :wink:

They don’t.even.compare to hopstop. not even close. They’re glorified timetables.

journey planner:

Damn bike forums. ALWAYS WITH THE BIKES!