Ezy visits Melbourne! March 30 - April 2

A friend of mine is getting married in Brunswick so I will be flying down solo for the wedding from a Friday to Monday arvo, don’t know where I will be staying yet… prob somewhere in the city at this stage. If anyone wants to grab a beer. Holla!

finally time for me to cough up that sixer of GB…

^ The real reason I started this thread.

Interested in grabbing beers. You bringing the mo down?

Yeah, sure am! I am still rockin’ the mo.

Here it is at the moment… presented in white gangsta duckface girl facebook profile pic stylie.

can you even get a sixpack of ginger beer? i thought it was strictly 4 packs. like bacardi breezers.


i think the bet may have actually been a ten pack. i can’t be bothered going back through the pages and finding out though, so looks like a ten pack it is.

E-Lee, name the time and place, and i’ll be there with the GB.

Just a single would do. The habs fans have suffered enough this season.

Leading up to the date I will know a bit more of whats going on. I have only been to Melbourne 3 times so I don’t know where all the cool kids hang out. Last time I had a few too many beers at Section 8 or something like that?

you are too kind, good sire. i’ll make it a longneck.

the kids these days seem to be fond of 99 problems on johnson st.

Yeah, 4 or 10 only. Fridge pack!

If you can squeeze it in, I’ll take you for a skate!

Oh hell yeah! That would be sweet to have a skate down there.

Thats right, Someone off the FoA owns/runs that yeah? I’m keen for some Tecate! I’m getting excited about this!

Alright Melbourne peeps! I need some advice on accommodation. I have it down to 3 places, the wedding is in Brunswick on Sunday arvo and up until then I will just be killing time. I don’t want to spend too much on taxi’s so if anyone knows if the locations of any of these is going to be better in terms of ease of transport and getting home late. Thanks heaps!

Directions to Space Hotel (formerly Victoria Hall) in Melbourne - Melbourne City Map

Directions to Home at The Mansion in Melbourne - Melbourne City Map

Directions to Miami Hotel Melbourne in Melbourne - Melbourne City Map

^ All three are workable options - the best way would be to catch a tram up Royal Pde which turns into Sydney Rd which splits Brunswick in two. Therefore, Space Hotel is the closest to Elizabeth St which is where you would jump on the tram.

Miami Hotel is not far from North Melbourne station, so you could train up to Brunswick - a bit quicker, but it sounds like you have plenty of time.

Remember the trams/trains stop about 1:00am (?) so if you miss that it will be a long walk.

Try this: http://www.metlinkmelbourne.com.au/

Ahh, I have only been to Melbourne 3 times so I am not too familiar with the ins and outs of the place. Do trains run late?

miami hotel is right near the cafe i work at. not the most exciting of locations, but not too bad. also the occasional dodgy bro around north melbourne as there’s crisis accommodation nearby, but you’ll get that anywhere. if you’re going up and down to brunswick a lot, try and be near the #19 tram, goes straight through the guts all the way from flinders st to brunswick (much like PIN20 said).

dunno what your budget is, but there’s a hotel on royal parade in parkville that’s meant to be ok, Vibe i think?

This is probably a good reason to take Miami Hotel off your list.

About 1:00am…is there an echo in here?

Correct, have stayed at the Vibe before after wedding in Parkville, tis a nice place, great location (between CBD and Brunz) park across the road for chill-axing too.

Ahh, that Vibe one looks good actually. A bit out of the city though. Thanks heaps for the heads up on that one! The only reason I am going the hostel route is that I am travelling solo and leaving the girl at home… but also because we will be spending a lot of times in hostels in the states, gotta start getting used to them!