Ezy visits Melbourne! March 30 - April 2

haha, fuck… I only read ‘trams’

yeah, but trams run past very regularly and you’d be in the city within 5-10 minutes at the most, or on sydney rd in brunswick in much the same. depends how much you’ve got to do during the saturday etc.

That might work out better then, are cab rides hard to get after the trains and trams stop working?
I don’t have too much planned at the moment. I wouldn’t mind checking out the new fyxo shop, trying to track down some of Melbournes best coffee and go for an ice skate with nexus hopefully.

Typically, yes. From the city, impossible.

You wont need cabs for that stuff.
They can be hard to catch, but some trams run till 2am I think?

Yeah, its more the after hours sort of stuff that I need to get back to my hotel/hostel. I’m planning on making party.

taxis are impossible on weekend nights. what about share bikes? there’s a station at melb uni, that’s close enough to vibe.

Just a note that last I heard you can’t take a bike out of a station after midnight, of course you can get one before midnight and hang onto it but that ends up costing a bit.

ahh well scrap that idea then.

why don’t you borrow a bike while you’re here? especially if you’re wanting to go to fyxo or 99 - these places will require 2 trains or trams to get there from brunswick/vibe hotel and will take longer than riding. hell you can borrow my bike if you like.

Damn, really appreciate the offer of the bike. Mighty kind!

I really don’t know the layout of the city to take advantage of the offer though. At every street I will be looking at a map trying to get my bearings. I wouldn’t be too confident on the roads either, not when Shane Warne is still at large.

It’s not him I’m worried about, it’s his followers

It’s just a big grid…how hard can it be?

Go to the tourist info desk in Bourke Street mall and get a map off them. They have these really good ones that have the central city on one side and the northern suburbs on the other with bike paths, trams, train and bus routes on it. It was great when I moved over here.

edit: unless of course you are one of the majority with an iphone or thingy

if you get lost riding from brunswick to collingwood, i’ll… be shocked.

just bring a compass.

Ran out of hats, huh?

Well it have been confirmed. I will be sitting on crates drinking longnecks at section 8 on Friday night.


if anyone knows how to get completely and utterly lost in melbourne, it’s the lovely k o

that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me :slight_smile:

I’ve found from personal experience that when k o gets lost she just fuckin homes in on the Clifton Hill maccas.

have we passed the limit yet kate?