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When’s Rolly coming back?

When’s prolly coming back?

When’s Dolly coming back?

Next time they clone her.

When’s Golly coming back?

hi guys, just wondering whether someone could please explain the process for accessing the buying/selling area?


Welcome to the forum. There is a 25 day wait before you can access the sale section of the forum. While you’re here, why not introduce yourself here?

3 goes at trying to list an item, not showing up?

^ it’s gotta be approved by a mod! I think?

Lemontimes is correct. All For Sale posts have to be approved by a mod before showing. Sometimes an ad my slip through the cracks and won’t be approved straightaway. If you want, you can always PM one of the mods so they can approve it.

Hey Team, is there any way you can make the login cookies last longer? Assuming cookies are what keep you logged in anyway.

At work I login, check a few pages then if I stop for a customer / 10 min job I’ll be logged out.

That doesn’t sound right. I’m hardly ever prompted to reauthenticate.

What OS, browser are you using? And are you using any sort of cookie manager add-ons?

have you ticked the ‘Remember me?’ box?

^ Why would anyone want to remember you?

hahah. I’m on Win7 with chrome. I haven’t ticked remember me as this is works pc and I’m trying to keep stealth. Thinking further I do run private browsing most of the time, maybe that has something to do with it? The other forums I frequent are cool for me to leave a private window running all day without it logging out. Don’t stress, just thought that maybe the time out was super short.

private browsing has logged me out in the past, I’d say it’s that.

no worries, thanks :slight_smile:

VBulletin only sets the bb_sessionhash cookie when you tick ‘Remember me’ IIRC.

Do that incognito.

Gudday. I replied to this thread ages ago to add another frame for sale, but I’ve just realised it never got approved. Is it still available to approve or should I create the reply again?


^ sorted