Ta bro.

Why is the armhole thread locked?

I’ve asked the same question, awaiting a reply.

but FWIW, I’m happy for it to stay locked, that place is a fkn downer.



It’s really not that bad, another forum I frequent has a greatly younger clientèle and it’s pretty drab there. Girls, being poor, boss wouldn’t let me off work early to go play video games etc.

Can i change my name? Dirty O kinda sucks.

sure, pm me with what you want it changed to.

Jirty o

Shirty O

Flirty O

just pm me already.

so i noticed that if you click on the “top” link and then be all “didn’t get my fill of quality content” and decide to read more on same page and scroll down you can’t then hit the “top” button again… this has little to no bearing on most people, however, some others may be frustrated by this inconvenience, and it may be me who outs this scourge? anybody?

I’ve noticed that before too, but I’m not gonna hassle Nickj about it, probably just a glitch in the matrix…

Why’s the armhole thread closed? I’ve got some shit to fill it with.

because it was a bummer. focus on the positives!

Ah yeah, must’ve missed the discussion.

It is a bit of a downer, but man, sometimes, you know…

any tricks to updating a thread in the for sale section? i’ve replied to my own thread (price update, a few days ago), but nothing seems to have happened. cheers

for some reason we’ve never been able to figure out, only some users are able to edit posts, most noticeably in the FS sections. the post will be there, it just requires approval.

send me the link to the ad and i’ll approve/bump it for ya.

Hail moderator overlords,

The little menu up in the top right corner (notifications, my profile, settings, etc.) has turned black for me…which is really hard to see on a dark grey background. Just me or Rolly’s fault?

The ‘welcome’ and little arrow after notifications is still white, if that helps.

Priority: low.