favourite post ride beer


Its so good… Once it hits your lips its so good

It’s a pretty easy thing to get over and I’m sure there’s better things to worry about in the world but I just feel like I’ve been jibbed when you buy one at a bar and they don’t roll it and just open it right in front of you… it fucking shits me up the wall for about 3 seconds… then I get over it… haha

and in winter I frequently session these…

New Coopers62 pilsner is not bad otherwise Carlton Draught or Melb Bitter.
Heineken also flows a lot on occasion too with some Boags Draught or Classic Blonde thrown into the mix.

yeah i rate the 62 from Coopers

mmmm. rolled coopers green real fukin cold in a glass from the freezer gives me goos bumps thinking about the first sip.

i really like a frosty cold kirin racing beer

but a nice glass of coopers green is the standard for me most of the time!

Sapporo is my choice for most post-ride beverages. But my favourite, if I can get my hands on it, which I’ve only managed once after a ride, is the Blonde du Mont-Blanc. If fresh had a taste, it would be THAT beer. (Actually, I just found a website that sells it, called Boutique Alpine Brews, is buying beer online the done thing these days??)

Coopers red. But I don’t need a ride to make me feel like one :wink:

At a pub it’s usually the green only cause they don’t do the red. Most pubs are pretty poofy these days, havn’t found that hallowed pub that has red on tap…yet…But if they have the green, well that’s better than not :slight_smile:

If you’re in Melbourne I’m pretty sure the GB (Great Britain) has it

Yes I hear and see all the cool shit is in Melbs. I’m in bris though. :slight_smile:

Summer = Rogers. x4


haha sorry mate

I thought Australians only drank Fosters? :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a sticky 37 degrees today and a few Superdrys went down pretty nicely while I melted into the couch under the aircon and watched Top Gear.

Well for those of you in Melbourne I hope to see you here: http://fixed.org.au/forums/index.php/topic,9345.0.html

I had a Kooinda Pale Ale from Rosanna the other day, one of the best PA’s I’ve ever had.

If you like your beers hoppy, don’t go past Boatrocker’s Alpha Queen

For the 3 Ravens fans, make sure you get to Lambsgo Bar in Fixroy to get it off the hand pump, delicious!

Best Belgian beer; Westvleteren from the abbey of Saint Sixtus.

If you’re after a chocolate stout, forget Youngs, go for Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout…but take a spare pair of socks.

generally a coopers pale for me, but i’ve been digging the 62 pilsner for the backyard. best pils i’ve had a in a while.

there’s some good local beers around sydney: the leatherjacket lager is bloody nice for summer, and the cinnamon girl spiced red ale is an absolute corker in the winter. and anything off the tap at red oak brewery in the cbd. that shit is off. the. hook.

not even 8am and i’m thinking about beer…

Anything Monteiths!

Yes, although I found out on Saturday night it’s only a mid strength beer!

I don’t mind Kirin either.

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