Hi chaps…no better time than now to introduce myself as I signed up here only a few weeks back. Been scouting the forums quite a bit and I must say there’s some great reading and an array of great looking fixies on here.

After years of not riding fixed wheel bikes it was time to reinvent myself. I was a bmx nut in my youth living in the country but when I got my first 10 speed Repco, I virtually tore it apart, threw away the gears and brakes etc and threw on the fixed sprocket. Crikey that was 1989!! I was forever stripping the thing and repainting it to the point where my folks thought I was a little weird and obsessed.

Anyway enough dribble lets fast forward to 2009. I’ve now just finished my new project after many months of internet research and ordering parts from all over the world. The custom Zullo frame ordered from Italy and was held up in customs for nearly 3 weeks and before you ask, yes I did manage to evade the import duty. Its such a relief when that box actually arrives as I’d been starring at all those parts sitting on the lounge room floor for too long.

The frame was supposed to be Pearl White but somehow that information didn’t get translated to the frame builder (that happens when you have a German middleman) so what I received in the end was just plain white but I’m fairly satisfied now and the bike’s weight overall is a reasonable 7kg. I took it for its first ride tonight up Victoria parade to work and back and it glides along so much better than I imagined.

So here it is all in one piece. Be nice peoples. My camera is bung so these photos taken from the iphone are average at best so I apologise.


This post should be labelled NSFW - some serious porn here. Congrats, and dare we ask what the build-up cost you?

nice job, well done matching everything to everything else.
even the bolt on your hub is gold!

how you gonna stop tho?

Not doing it for me :oops:
The black looks outta place on the stem and cranks and the paintjob looks like a gift box or wrapping paper pattern. Meh but im not riding it.

What tubes are they?

you are a fussy bitch though…

more worrying is the crank set up… can you change the chain rings… or are you stuck with the cog you got…

some sort of foot retention is gona make stopping with out brakes a little less harrowing… other wise its very white and nice

on top of that i kinda agree with the pikey…

this isn’t going to end well.

i dont mind the black!! and i’m pretty sure you can change chainwheel/spider on eno cranks.
those chain stays and seat stays are FAT! that thing looks like a rocket… and the axles on your peds Ti? I agree that something should be on there to help you slow down, but then, if you were riding fixed as a kid 20 years ago, i dont think its my place to give advice :lol:
i had no idea zullo still made frames. how long did it take from order to arrival in aus?

I like it :-D. Some nice attention to detail. White always looks spanking IMHO, however I often wonder how long it stays looking nice? My yellow grips and tyres took all of about one week until they looked ratty and tired, and paint chips appeared almost the second I rolled out of the garage. Can you post a photo after a couple of months of solid riding on it so we can see how well it fares?

I think those Paul cranks are fixed with the chainring it comes with:

These cranks use an interlocking chain ring/crank interface secured by four stainless steel chain ring bolts. At this time our chain rings are not sold seperately.

Bit annoying- definitely form over function IMO

But they look cool

They’re White Industries ENO cranks. And the chainring is removable.

ah-ha I stand corrected. Similar looking to the Paul cranks?

Excellent work, you’ve obviously spent a lot of time/thought/money on that pony and it shows.

I was wondering if those fancy coloured chains stay, er, coloured, or do they just get dirty and black like every other chain?

Thanks for the comments guys. I know this won’t be to most tastes but I really wanted to push the whole novelty idea.

Regarding that fancy colored Izumi chain…I guess I’ll see how clean it is in a week or so but I use a high precision gun lubricant called ‘RemOil’ which is quite transparent and works well.

To Gypsy: Just on the black issue…I kind of agree to an extent as I pondered profusely on whether I should have balanced the blacks out with a black seatpost instead of the colored one, and as a result I have ordered another post in black to see which looks better.

Pedal spindles are Ti are a nice added touch to the aesthetics and color scheme.

Chainring is changeable but I chose WI Eno cranks as I wanted something a little different as per the rest of it.

The Zullo frame from order time to arrival, took about 7 weeks. This was actually on show at the first European Bike Exhibition in Stuttgart just before it was shipped to me.

In all honesty I need to take some better photos…these are lacking somewhat.

The question remains, how will you stop?

What ratio are you running? Is it small enough that you can skid strapless?

get some foot retention hey

I love it

Hmm good call, I was gonna say lampshade or computer screensaver :stuck_out_tongue: White Industries cranks are great on my mtb, don’t think they look well on the bike at all and I’ve heard that they perform very badly on fixies…due to the spline and lockring system they have as opposed to a 4 or 5 bolt system.

I will pass judgement on this as you’ve only ‘heard’ that they perform badly on fixies. Performing badly in what context?

These cranks and chainrings are in fact built for singlespeed/fixed bikes and going by what i’ve seen/experienced so far, there is nothing to support the theory that the spline and lockring configuration will disadvantage performance in any way.

I have a buddy who thrashes the same ENOs on his singlespeed MTB and he can’t recommend these highly enough…hence why I purchased them. :wink:

still doesn’t answer the question on how you will stop.

you can get different rings for the pauls they just have to be pauls…
they are super nice looking cranks