first fixie

hey y’all… just wondering I’ve been looking around for a few days to get a fixie. ive had one previous know how to ride etc but it was just a cheap 120 dollar one. I want to get the best for my money so somewhere between the 450 - 600 range. there’s a shop in my city that stocks fixies “” but ive been looking on BikeExchange and its much cheaper. I was thinking this as my bike for dollar… Fuji Comp Track Bike for 425$. any feedback would be appreciated.

What city are you in - im sure there are plenty of members with bikes to sell.

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I went n got a used one yesterday and it stank of wd40 and the owner lied about the parts. I want to buy a new bike.

Think you may have better luck with some people on here. Generally most users have a few bikes too many which will be better specs and better priced than what is available new.

im from Perth

is there anything I should look out for?

was thinking this is reasonable…

or maybe this one

seriously putting some thought into getting this…

SE Bikes Draft Lite 650C 2017

Don’t buy that bike. It’s shit. Why? Reasons:

  • Wheel size 650C - No reason to go a smaller wheel on a city fixie. You’ll have trouble upgrading your wheels.
  • Frame material - Hi Ten steel is heavy and rides like a turd. Get something chromoly.
  • Wheels - 36H deep rim wheels will be heavy. Get something 32H (plenty strong for city riding).
  • Bolt through brakes - Guaranteed to be cheap and shit. Get something with proper road calipers with a recessed nut.

I’ve never seen a good SE bike. They’re cheap and shit and just made to look trendy.

I don’t know much about these entry level bikes. But the Fuji you linked first looks way better. Fuji Feather also seem to be relatively well liked in that price range. And do some searches on Gumtree for something with a decent frame (more likely then to also have decent parts) - “Surly Steamroller”, “Soma Rush”, “Masi Speciale” (maybe) - you should find something for around $500 second hand with reliable gear on it (eg, last year on Gumtree I got a Surly Steamroller with a Phil Wood/Velocity A23 wheelset for $500, banger).

is the SE Lager any different?

Not really. Frame is still a Hi-Ten turd. But it is marginally better than the previous one because 700C and better brakes.

I had one of those frames briefly as a wet weather beater. But even as a beater I can’t say I enjoyed it.

sorry I msg u because I thought my post got deleted.
is this bike worthy? sorry ill stop asking after this

and is alloy or Steel frame better?

basically if I gave you $800 what would you buy?

For the price I couldn’t recommend it. I don’t rate those JRI bikes.

The alloy frame and fork will ride harsh, especially with 23mm tyres. 20/24 hole wheels won’t be very durable for street. Unless you’re riding super smooth clean roads it won’t be all that enjoyable.

Anyway, you won’t get far on this forum posting more and more bikes and asking if they’re ok. Do some reading about what new bikes are good or what second hand frames and parts to look for. There are loads of threads in this forum alone.

And seriously, look on gumtree and ebay for something second hand, just have a bit of patience if you have the time to wait.

A second hand bike. As I already said, last year I spent $500 on a great Surly Steamroller.

alight thx mate

Do you know your frame size and what kind of riding you want to do?

im a large frame size. anywhere from streets to city.

so far im throwing up between a FUJI Track Comp or a FUJI Feather