First Post - Charge Fixed.


Aquired what is probably one of the last Large Charge Plugs around at the moment. It’s the “Freestyler” frame with a semi custom swap out of bits from the “Racer”.

Pedals are just MKS toe clips. Swapped them out for SPD-SLs for riding to work during the week.

Everything else is the stock component list from

Photos courtesy for Evan @ Cyclic Bicycles. Was kind enough to send me some pics before I picked it up and haven’t taken any of my own.

Head stem I had fitted isn’t pictured, it’s the stock chrome one from the Freestyle so no black mismatching as per the photos.

Not a giant fan of all the Charge decals but they can’t come off (other than the stickers on the deep Vs and a few others that I’ve managed to peel off).

Very nice ride.


ruski as of rode to rainbow ruski?

nice additions to the charge.

Lucas, I didn’t know you were an SS/Fixey kinda guy.

Yeah, it’s me.

Nice ride, I’m contemplating a charge but don’t like the decal situation plus the green rims… yours looks great.

For me now, it’s SE V Surly V Charge.

Now i have chrome racer with green deep v’s and the little risers on the floor.
Will probably sell on the greenies and put some bright velocity’s on instead.
Oh and bin the stinkin red chain.

yep yep. just working on the second one at the moment. been fixed for about 4/5 years. it’s the road bike that needs some tlc at the moment though…

niice, just got one of these. Same as yours, white rims instead of those lovely green ones. Yeh those decals are a pain, and i’m quite partial to the sparkly red coat so in a dilemma whether to paint it or not.