First week riding fixed gear.

Well picked up my new Hillbrick Pista on Tuesday night, currently still brakeless and might keep it that way. Dam where has this fixed gear riding been Love it!! :lol:

Only thing currently riding 48/17 seems a bit big what should I be riding? :?

Thanks in advance.

Yes- that is very high for brakeless street…
I ride 48/19 WITH a front brake

i was running 42x18 for a while. Ihad achilles problems from riding 800km continuously so I went down to 42x16 during the recovery period. it’s pretty easy to climb hills around melbourne with. I ride pretty comfortably with a cadence of 100-110. I dunno if that’s pedalling too fast for you.
I have a brake. I tried to use it as little as possible to start off with but i now use it a fair bit these days since i’ve heard quite a few reports of that being pretty bad for your knees. I certainly use my legs to slow me down but the brake takes a fair bit of it.

I like the no brake aesthetic but i think it’s form over function and I certainly want it to be there if i ever really need it.

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Try 48/18

I went from riding 48/18 for some period of time to 48/19 earlier in the week, and it feels awesome to me, can spin at a higher cadence, skids/stopping is easier and faster, and going up hills is just that bit easier aswell.

I am happy. i believe that i am now at about 68ish gear inches at 48/19, as opposed to about 72ish inches at 48/18. and my chain is a shitload quieter… not sure why though.

I started with a 48/16 combo, that was pretty tough!!!
So switched to a 48/18 and it feels heaps better, good cruising speed along St Kilda Rd, easy enough to cruise up top end of Bourke without standing and relatively easy to slow down…

But if Sime is talking up the 48/19 switch that sounds like a pretty good option… especially the skidding/stopping bit…

mmm… abbostford cycles here I come!!

started on 50/15, which was stupid, dropped to 48/15 then 47/17, pretty happy with this. sometimes i’d like more spin, may try 45/17 sometime.

48/19 + brake for me. Was using 48/16 sans for a while but my knees nearly died after a certain 100km+ ride. I do find the current set-up a little lite on sometimes, particularly downhills but have learnt to live with it.

I used to run 46-16 for commuting, worked pretty well as I have no hills to contend with. I put 46-18 on for the Roobaix and haven’t changed back yet. They both have their pros and cons, I think I might just get a 17 cog and have the best of both worlds.

I am also using 46-16 it a great alround gear i’ve found. With my new build it will be 48-19
i am looking forward to dropping down to that for a change.

+1 for 46-16, I’ve found it to be a pretty good commuting gear.

Edit: brain freeze :oops:

i am on 44-17…works well for me

ps - put a brake on before you kill yourself or someone else

stick with the odd numbers…more skid spots :lol:

not always:

I think i started out on a 44/14 which is about 85", brakeless. That was a really stupid idea now that i look back at it. However i rode that setup for about a month without prior experience and had no issues except really sore knees and legs from stopping. I also couldn’t go as fast as i could in the fear that i would not be able to stop in time, although on my first ride down beach road it was perfect for taking out roadies :evil:

Anyway over the past year or so i have tested various gear ratios and gradually worked my way down to a 42/17 which is 66.7". Absolutely perfect and even better now that i have a brake.

another chart to prove me wrong…good to see

im happy with 48/19. i find it easy enough for around town and around the inner city suburbs.

40/16 here. Suits me well enough,

HAHA I remember that day! I was on 71", not the easiest task to keep up with three fit roadies cruizin behind a moto. We got 'em though, in the end.