First week riding fixed gear.

Spinners are winners. 44:18 for Hobart and all its hills. About 64" I think.

Just went from a 50:18 to a 46:18 ie around 76inches down to 69inches. Is a much better combo for around town and commuting and would have made the climb up the Col D’ugly a bit easier! Spin is in.

48/15 here.


Good around town but the hill up Studley Park Road is still tough

48/19 very happy with it.


48/19 in perth
no brake :slight_smile:

rode 71" (48/18) for a long time, now down to 66.6" (40/16) Number of the Beast - Melb.

42/15 and 44/17

both really nice.

yeah i ride 51-17, my commute is pretty much flat the whole way, plus tailwinds on the way home. so i like going fast without spinning out.

though it makes stopping tough, might go to an 18 or 16 cog to simply get more skid-patches.

been running 52 - 19 on one of my bikes which is a little harder than I’m used to but bearable. so you might want to even look at a 19 which will equate to 19 skid patches… you can use the below chart to help you with patch count.

46 x 18 for me.

46x17 & 44x16.

I also run a front brake on both.

44 x 16 fixed

42 x 16 SS cargo bike

Briz on 46-17.

42 x 16 SS cargo bike

get the f$%@ outta here! Do you seriously have a cargo bike?

Put a 48 on it and we’re drifting that shit for sure next Alleycat! :evil:

not the kind your thinking of

just a ss road bike with a 5 rail CETMA rack on it, awesome rack, perfect for slabs and pizzas, and eskys

id love one of those cargo bike though, expensive though

39/20 for life

Did you get it directly from Cetma or locally? I was wondering if there was a Melbourne seller of Cetma.