fitting for a compact frame.

Hey dudes, I’ve found a second hand bike that matches my budget and looks pretty nice. I’m hoping this bike will go for a couple of years for me, so I’m hoping to get the fit right straight away. I sized up on competitive cyclist and the Top Tube matches, but the Seat Tube is 5-6 cm too short on this frame. It’s a 54, I’m 180 and I’ve heard 56-57 sized frames is probably more me. Is the fact that this bike is a compact frame the reason I’m missing so much seat tube, and is it possible for me to just get a longer post?

I am hoping to ride it for first impressions, but it’s hardly like I’m going to be able to ride it 150k and see how I feel after.

Anyway, I want to hear lots of yes, but I would prefer you all to be straight up. Cheers!

At 180 id say its gonna be a tad small, but then it would depend on your proportions, ie short torso.

But generally yes, you just run more post because of the short ST.

If the stack and reach matches another bike that fits you well, go for it. Just buy a long post (and get more suspension from it to boot)

180cm height riding 54cm sounds good to me as a ‘pro fit’. If you were an old fart maybe 55-56cm would be better.

I’m 180 and ride a 54. Again, as people have said, this really means nothing in terms of your fit. Just know if you do get it, and it feels great, every prick you bump into will tell you it’s too small for you

And what about your stem length HMC- I’d really like to know

Sooo true.

Bro I’m 180. I ride a 54 roadie with a 120mm stem and a 53 MASH with a 130mm stem (and a fair bit of post). People have said “maaaaaaaan you should be on a 56 of shure!!” then they see me on them and usually STFU. Go the 54 and you can play with stem length and stack pretty cheap hey. You can’t shorten the frame if ya go too big.

yeah cool! cc fit reckoned to go some stem length anyway, it wanted 120 as a min. Checking the bike out tomorrow for a spin.

i was always under the impression you generally want to aim for a 90-110mm stem, as anything below or over would be considered too short/long unless you have non-regular proportions.

Mind you this is more based on observations from peoples builds and what ive read in the past on people asking similar questions.

Is this no longer the case? is the new ‘pro-fit’ the way forward?

Obviously theres a shitload of caveats that go with the question, ie flexibility, body proportions etc.

Maybe what i want to ask is, for those who have had a professional fitting, was an extra a long stem something that was recommended ? ie, aiming for a fit where you had to be running a 120+mm stem?

How much is it and how often and how many ks a week do you want to ride?

$900, hopefully 3 times a week, most likely 2, and around 100-150k a week for starters. I’d like to build up overtime and maybe join shop rides, and see how I go. it’s a SL01, with full 2012 ultegra.

My mate is 182cm and he is on a Giant 53.5cm if that helps.

whats the 53.5cm? Giants sizing or tt measurements?

because Giants 53.5 or M/L sizing equals a 56tt.

Bmc have the weirdest sizing and $900 seems cheap,
Why not spend $150ish more and go get a bike fit first?

Sorry seat post length I believe. Center of BB to seat clamp?