Fix Up Look Sharp: WOF - Coming Soon

Chaz and I are excited to announce that on the 27th of March, we are going to fuck you up in all sorts of ways awesome.

Liam has opted to race instead of organise this time because the stakes are SO HIGH. I’ve purchased a child track prodigy from Vietnam to race on my behalf, because quite frankly, I think I deserve all the good shit that we will be giving away, not you.


Fuck yes!!

seeing as Ianhumane has opened the race up to paid professionals, i’ve already hired a super-domestique…

get rid of the bat, replace it with adriana:

i thought it was Adriana!

Urgh, yeah I’m with Shortsie.

We want people to turn up, not throw up.

Unless its Dan throwing up on Benzy. that shit’s hilarious.

or dan, benzy and a bat all throwing up on adriana…


ha ha… watch this space…

Another team event?

or will we bat solo… Because I’m open to both. :sunglasses:

It’s a solo race this time. You wont want to be sharing your prizes. But of course, if you want to ride in teams that’s totally fine, just be ready to throw a stick in your friends wheels as you approach the finish line.

can my pre emptive 1st place prize be return flights to melb from perth to race this and win??

Given that I have a hand in organising the route, you know that Perth is likely to be a checkpoint.

it better fucking be!

Amazing race vs alleycat = win!

I remember reading about an alleycat that involved having to catch a train between cities (or possibly states) in the US. There were checkpoints in both cities, and I’m pretty sure the end was in the same city as the start. If you missed the train, there’d be an hour wait for the next one.

If I’m making this up, I copyright the idea (although I do remember seeing a photo of someone trackstanding on the train).

how much for the copyright? Melbourne to Geelong would be perfect for that.


somebody? anybody?

save it till the UCI world champs