Fixed Gear Documentary

Hey guys!
My name is Shaz, Im a Digital Media student at COFA(College Of Fine Arts), I ride a fixie myself and we are doing a short documentary on fixies in Syd and we are looking for some awesome riders who can do tricks and ride fearlessly! a friend suggested that I talk to you guys about it.
was wondering if you could spread the word and help us which would be super amazing, I would make sure that you would hav fun n will provide drinks n food. Would appreciate if you could let me know by Monday.

this is a rad idea, good job so far

Lemontimes, the movie!


“Follow Harry through the up’s and down’s of #messlyf” - and it’s a sequence of him going up and down elevators taking selfies.

^ LOLz

And you can pay him in jaffles.

Depending on the amount of food and quality of beverages provided, I’d consider it. Even if I have a minor roll throwing polystyrene hashtags at Harry.

I’d pledge for a Harry Dunbar Kickstarter.

This is fucking genius, I say dylan should road trip up to sydney for a cameo.
This now must happen!!

^^ yep there exclamation marks


Wonder if I can get a walk-on role.

Totally into this, but only if it makes me look really edgy and cool. Also I don’t even ride a fixxxxay at work, but cargo bikes are the next big thing anyway, you wait.


I’m often in Sydney with my fixie too, but I’m shit at tricks an generally cautious in traffic.

If they spot my airfare, I would happily flip my rear wheel, remove my brakes and wear my FOA jersey.

What sort of liability insurance coverage do you have Shaz?

Screw it, You should just come down here. In a day or two, you could interview several very interesting people in this town, most of whom lurk on this forum. I’d pay to watch that documentry.

They’re students!

Or just interview me so I can start my xfixiefamousx career.

I’d pledge for Harry Dunbar action figures.

Collect the set!