Fixed Gear Documentary

Hey guys!
Much appreciation for your replies, Im jus gonna reply to all your concerns at once,
1-About the drinks and food, its gonna be sth that would keep you goin, im up to suggestions if you like sth specific(which is not too expensive!) lemme know.
2- you guys are cool but gotta admit this would make you look AWESOME! This is a short doco for now, if we do good we will submit it for festivals in Syd, and after that we would go for a feature-lenght doco!
3- Regarding the insurance! unfortunately we are students, we dont want you to kill yourself right? jus do your thing n we film you thats it.
4- I would really really appreciate it if those who want to help or be in it to msg me or sth so we could even meet up and talk bout it.

What or who is sth?

:smiley: it’s short for ‘‘something’’…

Direction of next tag pls etc…

^ Ha ha…no.


And here I was hoping for southern comfort cans

“sth” is short for “something”?

Fuck I’m getting old.

You mean ‘FIGO’?

Matters for nothing. Lawyers are infinitely more expensive.

Same here. I can barely communicate with my 15 year old nephew, yet I still managed to get him to understand how derailleurs work.

Seriously though? ‘STH’? why the fuck is Gen (whatever-the-fuck-we’reup-to-now-with-our-over-simplified-system-of-generational-personality-types) still using abreviations for anyway? imessage means most texts are free anyway, there’s no limit on the size of a text anymore and who the hell is so time pressured that they don’t have time to write out the entire word ‘something’?

ah fuck, this is an out-of-touch rant isn’t it? - starting to understand what Gen X has been on about for all these years.

nah … KYPH

aka keeping younger punks honest !!

You know what, you’re right… I apologize for it, no more short terms.

FFS, STFU Chaz, she thinks we’re cool…

Nah dude keep it up. Before today I had never seen ‘sth’ used anywhere, now I’m gonna drop it all over the place.

Geez Chaz, you don’t talk to a producer like that. YNWITTA!
*You’ll never work in this town again!

This is all a bit cynical in this thread… I wish I still liked bikes, the fucken shitty pedal fuckers.

Don’t worry, guys. I’ve made contact, the wheels are in motion.


I mean awsm.

I don’t really care to be honest, I just like a rant.

So what’s going to happen in this documentry? is it just going to be people riding bikes, or are you planning on doing interviews, or going to events?