Fixed in Fin Review mag again!

Yes, the ‘must have items for those with cash to throw around’ section has the custom made Deus Ex Machina street fixie. Red with yellow deep v’s, risers and a front brake for around $2000. And if you get the ‘one shot espresso machine’ for $250 as well, you won’t have to actually ride it down to the cafe. You can just prop it up in the lounge room, then sit back and admire it while sipping your machiatto.

*Sorry, don’t have time to scan it at work, maybe when I get home.

you know, i can’t actually be bothered any more…
just go find the other thread, and read everything i said there.
then say it out loud, with more anger and venom.

the only thing i will add is a conversation i had with someone on the weekend.
he’s trying to find a decent, cheapish track frame, preferably an older one with lugs.
he couldn’t find anything under $400, and some guy tried to ask $950 for a fairly ratty McBain with fucked drop outs…
that pretty much says it all.

Page 56, in the ‘moving parts’ section.

Just a brief blurbon it, but interesting it is in such a mag.

Too bad that the other stuff in their list of “must haves” is a bunch of stupid shit you neither need nor want, like a device for popping your ears in a plane, or a farkin hydrofoil water runner. What does that say for Deus ex Machina, or fixies in general? :roll:

There’s a Deus is in the new Monster Children as well. Just in the background of their 'fashion" shoot. It’s sky blue in colour.

isn’t that the shit that general pants puts out purely as means of self-aggrandization and self-promotion?

Pretty much.

It’s occasionally good, but 9 times out of 10 it’s horrible.

it’s worth having a look at the deus website too. so many spelling mistakes and inaccuracies.
if im paying 2k for a tarted up track bike, i expect decent copy editing…

Nevr trust somonene who can’t spel

ok - braces oneself for the onslaught… puts helmet on… and…
heavymetal - i seriously think that is one of the most bizarre comments i have ever heard, you are buying a bike - but expect the words to be spelt correctly on their website? i feel like i am the odd one out here but i would be looking at the actual product i was about to purchase rather than spelling on their website?

i find it such a tall poppy issue with deus. it is so great to once again see another example it occurring in australia. we are becoming experts at it.

everyone puts shit on deus but they do use australian products when they can and as for costs … do the math on this
speedwell frame : approx $200 - thats a bit cheap don’t you think?
repaint coat : $250 (recent quote i got from underground cycles sydney)
saddle: $60
seat post: $100 eg
wheel set: $400 shipped to aus - eg
tires: $90
tubes: $20
headset : $80 shipped - eg probably not quiet as good as one installed on the bike
stem: $100 shipped- eg
brake: $115 - $150/2 here + $45 shipped here + cable
cranks: $300 or there abouts
BB: $20 they can’t see it so lets make it cheap, for all the yuppies who have no idea
pedals: $70 shipped - eg

total $1805 (i think i missed a few costs - chain, australian made chainring, bars, grips, + sundries but what the hell) so they made by my accounts maybe $87 on labour costs.

so enlighten me why is it over priced again? they probably shouldn’t have charged anything for labour. bastards!

I hear ya Ukalipt.

I’m just upset they’ve sold this one.

Well worth the 2K it probably went for when you see those cranks go for over 300US on ebay.

i am pretty sure that tesch went for close to 5K

sorry to be negative and all…
maybe i have just been listening to too much joy division at work today

Who said it was overpriced? I don’t think $2k is outrageous but in the same sense it’s not insignificant either.

I think the concern in regards to typos is that at some level there’s a lack of attention to detail which makes it seemed rushed and unprofessional. One can’t help but wonder “Does this translate to the workmanship as well?”. Picky I know, but these things stand out for me as well as heavymetal. Especially when the site talks about a “gear ration”, does that mean we’re going to have start queuing up for chainrings?

I assume that a lot (or all) of the general disdain towards Deus Ex is that it’s a motorbike shop that is capitalising on the fixie trend by selling pre-customised “vintage” fixies to hipsters who can afford something a bit nicer than an Bianchi Pista. Buying one of those Deus bikes would be like paying full retail to buy a tailor-made suit that was made for someone else. For me the idea of a custom bike is actually building a bike out of bits that go together because they look good and feel right (comfy saddle, bars the right width, suitable crank length) and not out of random - albeit decent parts that happened to be going cheap on ebay.

What chromeo said; also, in no particular order;

White Salitalia Turbo Saddle

This just says to me they’re clearly a making-money company, not a we-like-bikes company.

Shimano Modified Track Cranks

What, are they road cranks with the backs filed off?

Personally, i think this bike is a two thousand dollar piece of shit.

NJS track pedals and Velocity hubs? Did they look on Velospace to find out how to build a ‘good’ bike?

And eighty-one gear rations? Don’t they have hills in Sydney?

And isn’t this ShifterDan’s bike?

YOU’re shitting me aren’t you?

i could be wrong lats, i know it was a fair bit over 2k though

i guess the best way i can put it is this.
if i had posted the same bike in the “post your ride” section i would imagine the only comments would be the “cog ratio”.

individuals can build em and be respected, companies can’t sell them without disrespect. i still shout tall poppy… i wish deus all the success in the future. i still fail to see what they are doing wrong.

How are they a tall poppy? That implies they sell amazing bikes at amazing prices.

i saw a guy riding a deus track bike today. his unmachined front deep v had real nice wear marks down to the bare metal from the brake. still, his peddles and gear ration looked pretty good.

just sayin’.

well, you guys have convinced me and i have come to my final conclusion. i have put together the 10 commandments or as i like to now call them the
10 UFGBL [Unwritten Fixed Gear Bike Laws]

  1. deus have no right to sell fixed gear bicycles. how dare they
  2. deus should not be selling shirts, DVD’s, posters nor books and the cafe should be shut down. DON’T THEY KNOW THEY ARE A MOTORBIKE STORE!
  3. deus bikes are sold purely with the intention of making money [which thankfully i have proven with my breakdown of costings for speedwell, phew we can all sleep well tonight!]
  4. people who buy pre-built fixed gear bikes plainly don’t deserve them and if you have around a $2000 to buy one and do so, your just a dickhead anyway… sorry hipster… or whatever but you just don’t deserve the bike.
  5. velocity hubs are a no go.
  6. do not fit either NJS track pedals nor white turbo saddles to your FGB
  7. if a company’s website has spelling and typo’s errors it will probably reflect their overall status and work ethic
  8. tall poppy implies selling amazing bikes at amazing prices
  9. Velospace is so not a good website to get inspiration from

and the odd one out
10 (i). don’t buy monster child. its shit [well 90% of the time]

ok, i’ll bite (for the sake of filling in time);

1. Yeah. They’re a motorbike shop.
2. see 1
4. Of course they are, they’re a shop. It’s pretty naive of you to think they’re making only eighty bucks off that bike.
5. Only if they get ripped off. They don’t deserve it cause they’re not real bikes.
6. Why have a hundred-dollar seat and an eighty-dollar hub?
7. Once again. Spend money somewhere else, not on pretty little japanese things.
8. If they can’t spell the name of a component one might wonder why they put it on there in the first place… and [i’m guessing they didn’t make the page] to not proof-read it is just sloppy. If a McDonalds sign read McDickles, how long do you reckon until it was fixed?
9. If i take a badly chosen and [badly spelt*] product and sell it for too much, does that make me a tall poppy?
10. I went to Velospace to get examples of why every bike there is ugly, but it was down. So yeah, wouldn’t get inspiration fron there.

10i (or is this 3 in disguise). Why buy a catalogue?

sorry, but Salitalia? I can’t let this one go*.
**if you can picture Lois Griffin in a laughing fit, you’d be on the right track

sorry about all the rhetorical questions