hosting expenses

Hey all,

Over the past three years I’ve personally covered the cost of hosting, either out of my own pocket or offset through sponsoring it. Over the past few months however, the Serversaurus server this site has been hosted on, has been overloaded with paying clients, and has been slowing things down considerably due to the load of the forums.

In case you’re wondering, there are a couple of ads at the top of the site - The small amount of cash generated from that, has only just covered the cost of hiring a New York based illustrator to design the last batch of tshirts. I tried using Google adsense in the past, but it was useless, ugly and mostly non-topical.

Unless another advertiser can be found to cover the $50 a month for the private VPS, I’m going to have to ask you guys to help out in the monthly expense, because as most of you know, I’m out here traveling, which means I’m not earning!

I know there are people out there with webhosts etc who have offered to help hosting before - But I’ve been down the path of shared hosting, and it’s just not enough. I have a solution ready to go, but it needs to be financed…

So, if anyone knows of a biking related advertiser who might be interested, please let me know. I’m not looking to spin a huge profit, I just don’t want to be out of pocket myself. If not, I’m start the begging in a couple of weeks for spare change!!


I’ll throw some dollars at you when pay comes through next week.

Cheers Sekt

For those who can assist, please check out for info on how to help.


Try knog, they seem to throw money around a bit.

Same man, just dropped a few bucks in!!

This site has provided many many hours of informative and not-so informative reading :wink: over the last year, so happy to help out when I can!! Thanks for looking after the site Nick!

Like the sound of those t-shirts you mentioned above too…any chance of another batch soon?



Money just left San Fran, via the ANZ bank in Melbourne, through Paypal to you somewhere in the ocean mate.
See you in canada!!!

Anyone else getting this error?:

No errors here.

“Congratulations - your payment was sent. You have successfully paid for this transaction”

Thanks for such a generous response guys. It really is very much appreciated.

Later on we’ll pick a donater at random to win an evening with CraigC.

Umm, just tried to pay for something else and got this:

“The PayPal site is currently experiencing technical difficulties with our credit card processor. We are working to solve this problem as quickly as possible. If you would like to Send Money, please fund your payment with your PayPal balance, PayPal Credit or bank account. If you would like to use your credit card, please return to the PayPal website later to complete your transaction. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

just donated 4 million fixiebux. i.e. 20 us clams.

No probs for me this arvo, another 20 clams to the pot.

god i feel cheap…
$10 from me :frowning:


Another round of t-shirts could be the go. Get them done cheap by someone local (Cut Sick dude does them in Melbs, there’s a thread in the help forum I think) with a simple, single colour design. Sell 'em for $20/$25 and you’ll make $10 off every shirt.

Gosh, thanks everyone, I just woke up to a pleasant suprise!

I’ve started the work to get the new server going, so it should be running in the next couple of days. If you notice any weirdness, please let me know - There could be a few hours of total downtime, but I’ll try to do it when Australia is asleep :wink:

Thanks again! nick

P.S As for tshirts -If I can get the cash together in Manhattan, I’m looking at doing a set of hoodies, since it’s winter down there. We’ll see how I go.

P.P.S If there are problems with Paypal, please just give it ago another time - It can be a little flakey sometimes… It’s a shame there are no other widely accepted alternatives to their service, but as of today they’re #1!

and honestly, there’s a ton of designers on this forum, i’m one, and i know of at least 4 others. i’m sure someone could do a great picture you don’t have to pay for.

Well, I’ll hopefully be calling on you designers for the next project! The last tshirt design was done quite some time before it was printed, and before there were any designers about (that I knew of).

Happy to help in some small way, the knowledge, connections & entertainment this forum has provided me is well worth it.

Registering interest.