Fixed.Org Cycling Cap

let us know when the Admins/organisers have decided on a set design cant wait to see how they will turn out
i noticed one of the sites mentioned for production priced 50-75 hats at 13 bucks could get pretty cheap if we order like 200 and give them to the various stores who’s owners/workers are apart of the site
nice little profit for the site

Just as a very preliminary sort of thing, Im checking with Susan at Rocket Fuel as to per unit costs. Just to get a bit of a ballpark kind of figure so we know what we’re dealing with.

Just heard back:

“So ballpark figures
30 - $22 each
50 - $19.50 each
(based on 4 prints per cap so front, 2 sides and a brim) Once there is a final design I can give a proper quote.”

She’s cool with helping on designs n that as well: ie send her ideas, logo etc and she can work out ways to fit them onto the panels.

Something to think about anyways.

My 2c: I’d be willing to pay $30, with the rest going to NickJ for site upkeep. If we got 50 caps done that would equate to $500 to

The ASHCAN caps are Rocketfuel caps and they’re pretty nice. Supporting an Australian company would also be nice.

Also, I’m totally down for a cap.

I mean if we all pay a bit extra for the caps and that little bit extra gets donated to the site for hosting costs, etc, it should work out.

Just my 2c.

EDIT: Pretty much what Heavymetal said.

NickJ says “sounds like a great idea - go for it!” in a pm to me… soooo… looks like we’re doin it!

nice work. this might be a saving grace for you roxby, hahaha. i’m in

lol, thanks ellepea
hopefully i will prove my worthiness with this project…
and finally be accepted into the realm of…
is there like a secret cafe/bar where the cool members and admins hang out?
and like… bag on users… and smoke cigarettes… and drink beer?
is there a password?

if the caps turn out good, i might let you join the club

whoa whoa there. XbrendanX is barely in that club. You and i have a long way to go Ellepea.

I am even more keen to buy a cap knowing that 500 will potentially go to nickj for upkeep
cant wait to see them done

I am even more keen, if the caps turn out good, i might be let to join the club

shhhh, roxby doesn’t know that

i dont like it when people talk behind my back

I gotta cover up my bald head somehow. I’m in. If you need help with designs… holla.

yeah, it’s called ‘the moderation forum’.

so elite in awe

I’d actually rather it didn’t have anticoast or nsp written on the brim… Go nuts otherwise…

Brown cap, with ‘potato’ written under the brim.

‘mods are gods’ under brim…haha

+1 to all votes for local business/ site donations. count me in