Fixed.Org Cycling Cap

Looking for enough interest to Run a batch of cycling caps
companies can make them fairly cheaply with coloured panels / printed text etc

i know that a t-shirt has been done before.
but we all know how much we wear our cycling caps and unlike a tShirt,
the hats are never in the wash when we want to wear them, so perfect to show off your loyalty!

check out Custom Cycling Cap, Bike Hat, Customizable Cycling Helmet, custom cycling hat, poliester cycling cap, cotton cycling caps, amazing custom made cycling and running hat, headgear customizable piece for an example of what i mean

and please give thoughts, or design ideas, colour mock ups, etc a shot as I believe it is a great idea
cheers guys/gals

If we want to support a local crew, Susan at Rocket Fuel does great caps. Custom Design - Rocket Fuel - vintage cycling style

I’ve got about 4 of hers and they last really well. Not the cheapest (maybe $20-$30 each) but good quality.

I’m down…

i assume you have
a) checked with NickJ about this
b) thought about donating a couple of bucks from each cap to help cover the ongoing hosting costs for this site.

Id be very keen for one of these hats!

mee too i am down for one… or two…

I’m keen, and would be down with supporting local trade even if it cost a bit extra.
Also think a donation from each cap to sounds good too

i too would purchase said cap

me down for one…but i got a 65cm circumfrence head.

inner pending design.

I’d be keen for one.

I’d buy one

im totally down for donations to, and supporting local business

anyone got suggestions for colours/graphics?

plain, black/white, maybe ’ the anticoast’ on the underside of brim… magic gear ratio also…

I’d definitely be up for this and I’m all for supporting local businesses.

sounds mad
how about using the colour scheme from the website
maybe white with purple and black stripe on the side
and ‘ANTICOAST’ on the brim

Subject to admin aproval, yes.

Has ta be black with the multi coloured stripes, and never stop pedalling under the brim.

I’m all for the idea, but agree with Nikcee and think that, if he hasn’t been already consulted, NickJ should be somehow involved. Especially if the term ‘anticoast’ is involved, as i think that it’s his business name…

Sounds great. I’m in!

Done… we will have to wait and see but i agree with all above comments about supporting/donating to the site. i would happiyt have an amount added to the end price… sorts out the hay from the chaff.