Fixed.Org Cycling Cap

I’m in too if any surplus $ go towards site costs.

I’m in.
Any chance it could be as awesome as this shirt idea that came up not too long ago? (

Thought I’d also add my support/show interest for said cap. +1 on funds going towards upkeep.

Some potato on there would be nice, maybe NOBR AKES under the brim? or “Thread Closed” somewhere?

NOBR AKES would be cool as haha thread closed is good to …
to many damnnn options

it was discussed in that thread that no one cbf so i’ve gotten a couple made anyway. if you want one, hit me up. it’s not a shirt, just a shirt with that print on the front.

Congratulations on being the 1000th thread in the “fixed gear” part of this forum. Mods, feel free to delete this post or whatever you do… Im just letting them know.

+1, sounds like a sweet idea, funds going to the site, to keep it running strong

black please. whats the latest?

ive found one supplier in Melbourne who has stock of blank White caps, for screen printing seperately onto, but am still trying to track down black caps… anyone else got/had any luck?

Rocket Fuel - Sydney. Aussie Made. Didn’t we already have this discussion?

Yep. Thread summary from before…

Rocket Fuel - $22 for 30+, 19.50 for 50+

$30 - with difference going to FoA

Just waiting on a design (no NSP or anticoast references) and someone to administer cash and orders etc.

white would be ok too…

+1 if it’s made by rocket fuel

white = brown after a ride

Count me in for a cap - gotta get the collection over the magic 20.

Can we put a picture of a kiwi on it?

yeah white doesn’t age well. Blacks the go fo shiz.

the design should be an aerospoke, with skulls inbetween the ‘spokes’.

3 skulls and 2 penises, more appropriate if its a potato

like this eleepea? I also catered for MrDylan and KiwiCyclist

im sure pink aerspokes will be the next big thing. like metro Tshirts 5 years ago

That is perfect!!!