Fixie/Messenger DVD's

Hey all,

Does anyone know of any shops that are stocking DVD’s such as:

Red Light Go
Fast Friday

I’m currently in Brisvegas if people know of any shops locally, if not then I’ll try and get some posted from an interstate shop if possible. I can find them easily enough on US websites but I haven’t found one that ships to OZ. I hope someone can help me out cause I need my fix.

dunno who stocks em.

redlightgo just made me want to smash those ny messenger cunts.

Your a very angry man!

You can prolly get the Mash one on ebay but good luck with the rest.

you wanna fight me cunt? dont get me worked up.

Hey MrEd. Don’t know of anyone at the moment, but Eric (not sure what his name on the forum is, met him playing bike polo) is starting a single speed store in Bris early in the new year. Maybe he’ll have some.


matt at the outpost had mash dvd’s as well as other mash stuff. that was a while ago. dunno what he has now.

you can get them all online… just go throgh Prolly’s links.

Maybe you meant ``mash" them, like show em ure rad skillz?

yeh, youre right. i have fat fingers, sometimes i shit the wrong keys.

I have a copy of pedal if you want it burned.

watch the redlightgo original trailer… its so stupid… “the guy who organises the race is in gaol”…“yeah he’s in gaol, but he is like who cares i’m going to organise this race anyways”

this is exactly the problem with ‘democracy’ it gives stupid people too much freedom

yes. stupid people should be neutered.

Gear (I think it 's called) in Brisbane will be stocking Mash, Fast Friday and the Bootleg Sessions DVD’s.

Gear/ Erics shop that is opening in the new year will have all the stuff. His name on here is surprise surprise… Eric. Drop him a line and see what he can sort out. Matt at outpost has had Mash in but is out of stock at the mo, he’s waiting on a new lot to come in but he’s been waiting over a month now and still isn’t sure when they’re coming in. Eric will be at Fixty-9 on Saturday if your keen.

Thanks for all the info guys, I’ll be chasing up some of those leads. Lucky the boss is away today so I can search all day long. Snail, cheers for the offer for the burnt copy but I’m after originals as I already have a copy of that but need another one as it will used as a present. And thanks skippy, as well those others that mentioned the store gear, I think I’ll drop Erik a line and see what I can hook up, cant make Fixty-9 this sat unfortuntaely. I had heard rumours about a store opening up and pleased to hear that its more than just a rumour, cant wait to see it in full swing.

what about quicksilver?

they call that “mercury” these days.

I watched Mash again last night.

I don’t have a problem with it.

a) Gabe Morford has skills on bikes, filming and on a skateboard and b) a bunch of friends filmed themsleves riding their bikes and it became popular (the film, not track bikes). Good on them.