Fixie shops in Melbourne?

Hello, I’m from Sydney and I’m now moved in Melbourne CBD.

I’m after some fixed gear shops and I have no idea where can I find them.

Can anyone please tell me where are those fixed gear shops that people usually love to go (to buy bikes, accessories) can I find in Melbourne?

Thanks so much! Cheers.:slight_smile:

Saint Cloud

I’ve never been to Melburn but I used to drink coffee with this cat when he was in brisbane, he good people. Ask him where maple syrup comes from and hold on. Will Jetnikoff

Ha fucking ha

Chuck on some Teny wheels and wham!

One shop to rule them all! teny Rims | fixie Bikes | fixies

I was saving up for a Kumo but I think I’ll just chuck some Tenys on a Reid frame. All the cool kids are doing it.

speechless :stuck_out_tongue:

Under “Our Brands” they have Sugino, Shimano, and Aerospoke yet they only sell no-name parts and Teny rims…

You bastards never showed me these good shops when I was down.

Incorrect! I saw aeroapokes in their store window the other day.

Found these cats last night - Jetnikoff Bicycle Co. - Independent Bicycle Store

^ I’ve known that shop as Swift Whip, but the internetz tells me it’s the same thing.

swift whip moved out. its all will now.

the best fixie shop is saint lloyd they dont judge anyone and have the best paid mechanic in the biz

Careful wrenchy

Yeah go in there and ask for a shifter bike, he loves it.