Fixing what I 'fixed'....a <3 story

There was a thread recently about a guy in Brisbane who was brazing track ends onto old raod frames…I like his details but can’t find the thread.
Any help?

is there any reason to do this, besides cosmetics?

I’m only after someone who is good at brazing drop out in Brisbane

I know this doesn’t help you but I don’t think it’s worth the effort really.

What do you expect to gain by going from road dropouts (which I’m assuming are long horizontal) to track ends? If you want to switch from vertical dropouts then fair enough.

And I’m assuming this is for anything except a track bike for use on a velodrome.

Also, if you go ahead, make sure they measure it up properly so you don’t end up having to cut out the brake bridge to fit the rear wheel in.

(BTW, I searched too and I couldn’t find any previous threads)

I want this persons contacts because

  1. I fucked a 1975 Cecil Walker road frame because I filed off the derailuer to be a hipster and rode it fixed

  2. I realised my fuck up and purchased a Whitehorn track frame which is now my main ride

  3. I bought NOS Campag Brev drop outs to replace the one I fucked on the Cecil Walker

  4. I got the Cecil Walker frame ‘un 2 pac’d’ with a hot alkaline bath technique

  5. Once new drop out is brazed on I’ll repaint the frame and not have it 2 pac’d

  6. I’ll undo my mistake and make the Cecil Walker as good as when it was made

Good on you azz for realising you’d messed up and for trying to “fix” it up again. :smiley:

Go see Joe Cosgrove - he is in Marooka.

This may be the guy in brisbane on ebay
he’s been doing a bunch of frames lately

haven’t got his contact details but try hitting him up through the link.
I got a frame through him, not too bad a job, had to tidy up the brazing a little before painting but it looks like he’s getting better. Might be worth checking out some of his work first if your in that area before getting the cecil walker done.

when i saw this thread title i read it as:

Road cycling > (is better than) Track cycling.

End thread. (end of discussion)

and I thought, ooh, someone’s stirring up an ant’s nest there…

I’ll second Joe cosgrove. He’s a master, and if you tell him why/what you’re doing as well as provide the dropout I’m sure he’ll be fair with regards the cost.

Sweating an old dropout out of a frame is pretty tricky … harder than building new (from scratch). In saying that Joe’s certainly capable of doing it right.

I have conacted Joe and in fact visiting him tomorrow…he has been really really unwell though so I was seeing who else was out there…that’s all.

On the phone Joe agrees that replacing might be harder or almost impossible than from scratch…fingers crossed hey.

(I’ll make you proud of me Spirito)

for those who are interested

I went to see Joe yesterday (I felt like Luke SkyWalker in the swamp with Yoda :-))
Unfortunately he doesn’t think he can remove the filed drop-out and replace it with a NOS one. It’s just too invasive and there are some rules re: how many times a piece of metal can be heated and cooled or something…
so what Yoda did suggest was to cut the derailleur eyelet/ring off the NOS and just braze it onto the existing one.
He’s also going to braze on the appropriate cable eyeltes and gear lever thingys.

For those who have been to Joe’s place …HOLY FUCK :sunglasses: :smiley: :mrgreen:!!!
I’ll wear a bib next time I go.

Good stuff Azz. I’ve never met Joe but I’ve got a frame that he painted and that makes me drool all the time :slight_smile:

Sounds like brazing on a derailleur hanger is a good solution. Once it’s painted you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

I might not even use the hanger and turn the bike into a single speed but at least it’ll be ‘complete’ again

:smiley: … sound like he’s just doing it the simplest way with the greatest chance of success. Don’t blame him … it’s a lot of work and time to get right for very little money by taking the old one out and brazing the new one in.

Either way, once painted nobody will know

^ I’m not blaming him…I’m happy he even was even willing to fix it after what I did to it…

No, I think it’s cool too. Good for you and good on him. :wink:

I was trying to find a source for just the dropout tab but couldn’t remember who had them. A few UK builders use to braze a derailleur tab underneath track ends.

I have an Eric Hendren with that setup.

Post a pic :sunglasses:

Frame is finished. JC is a friggin legend and from a numbers of hours of talking to him I feel he thinks he is under appreciated and under paid…but he says he’s always been too generous.
Such a nice man with a very gentle demeanour. I’m going back jut to watch him mig weld steel and braze like he has ‘The Force’, whilst listening to a sick vinyl catelog I might add…today it was Jimi H…