Fizik 'Spine Concept'

What exactly is this?
Sounds like BS that your saddle choice should be dictated by how flexible you are??

Spine Concept | Fizik

Spine Concept realises that
cyclists have varying degrees
of flexibility. Human flexibility
affects riding behaviour when
cycling in a high performance
position. Correct behavioural
movement permits the cyclists
perform at maximum output
and at maximum comfort for
extended periods of time.

They like their animal analogies, Fizik… The Antares used to be for the ‘bull’ if I recall… they justified it with something about rider size or something.

All I know is the Arione fucking cut me in two.

I thought exactly the same thing, utter BS and marketing through association “I am a bull therefore I need this seat”

If they had more than three models and optional widths like Speccy then they could probably go on about rider fit. All I know is my cojones like my ariones.

come on man… if you are more flexible, especially through your hamstrings you are more likely to be more comfortable with a longer reach/lower drop stem, what happens when you reach lower? your pelvis is on a different tilt, hence the interface between your sitbones and soft bits is going to differ between different people and their saddles.

I havn’t even read their reasoning, but I assume it is along the above lines.

EDIT: and obviously there are exceptions to the rule, just like everything else.

^ You’re right Sime, but surely that is only one small factor in choosing the right saddle. Selle Italia and Specialized on the other hand go about sizing via width, ie how wide your butt is. That to me seems like a much more sensible approach.

that’s cause most of Specialized’s intended market are fat, fatter, and fuking obese numpties

Hilarious description

Yeah, this is kinda obvious isn’t it? Different riding styles and levels of flexibility will require different styles of saddle. The animal types are just marketing tools.

Just like Brooks’ range, with different widths & profiles for city bikes / touring / racing etc.

The Bull / Snake / Chameleon = inflexible / flexible / intermediate. Or Aliante / Arione / Antares for the non Kurve saddles.

The photos on that website are bloody brilliant, Fontata looks like a total badass and Zabriskie looks like a young Jeff Bridges from the 1982 Tron.

It’s not just ‘one small factor’ it;s one large factor.
Specialized offer three core road saddles, each of their specific shapes arn’t too foreign to what fizik are doing, they just offer three widths aswell.

When i buy a saddle, i choose one that doesn’t make my dick numb.


I have a Spesh Romin. Its good on the gooch.

But that’s the point isn’t it- they give you width options. I’m assuming Fizik don’t.
And in any event even if you can touch your fucking toes, that says nothing about the actual setup you have got on your road bike.

And at least Specialized use a real scientific paper and not animals as the basis for their designs.

The Fizik Snake should instead ask ‘Do you slam your stem like a freaking Pro and run a 400mm seatpost??, then the Snake is for you!’

I think the concept/science is fine but I’m not sure whether Fizik actually achieve their aims. Only road testing and comparisons can decide that.

Interestingly all their graphic’s showing cyclists riding have the saddle sloping down. Quite laughable really.

The fizik saddles get wider as they get less flexible. So even if the spine concept is crap the fact they get wider put them in the same sizing as the other manufactures.

But what if you are flexible but have a wide arse? I’m confused

You calling me fat, Numpty yes fat no.

all this time off the bike might make your knicks feel a bit more like a “race cut” though

I feel like juggling…