People, who is interested in making an FOA team at the Mont this year?

I would be keen if:
a) at least one FOA person I’ve never met joins the team
b) there is a sworn-in-blood agreement to not push people to do night laps.

I think its $360 for teams of 4 or 6, so its pretty cheap if there were six of us and we get whatever we want out of it. I’m keen for a mixed team because FOA is an equal opportunity kind of forum.

If anyone wants to fly to canberra, consider airport transfers, maybe a dinner, maybe even a bed for nights either end (or at least a tent space if my wife say no) part of your entry fee.

Also, if people don’t really want to race (A O K with me) could we also use this stellar post to kick off a “Everyone comes to the can to ride some trail!!!” event? Maybe even same weekend?! Other trails will be quiet, and we could easily fill a weekend of dirt without heading to Kowen/Spaz.Dirt roads could also be catered for, we have some people here who love riding them. It could be a FOA dirt-convention event… we could get a sponsor, I’m sure. Maybe t-shirts.


After riding in over 20 24 hours in the last 15 years, I have sworn off these events - not because they aren’t fun, with the right group of people they are rad. I am just generally over them.

But if people are coming to Canberra to ride some dirt - I am down.

I wish I could change the thread name… I am also over these races, but wanted to get people here to enjoy trail before I leave. Let’s dirt-convention! Better to ride all different trails, and be able to chat. Will people come for that? They should. How to change title of this thread to “FOA DIRT CONVENTION, CBR Apr 2-3”? Maybe that was enough right there.

Racing at the Piney 12 hr on the 2nd…

If someone’s driving from Sydney I’m definitely in.

I’d do either singletrack or dirt roads with some bud #johnprollycamping #oreganooutback #cbrlegaliseit

Woooot! This can happen.


To whet your whistle… here are some videos to watch.



Bruce Ridge

Tuggeranong Pines

Tempted… also now have the bike for it

Get a carload together, man! Nwad and K could spin/slab some sweet cups together as commemorative pieces?

Cazturtler?! I see you slaying dirt all over the place…If you thought Wombat was reasonable, Canberra will change your life

I’d be up for it.

But JP, waaaaaaat to doooooo when you want to do both singletracks and dirt roads? Your poll is cactus m8 :wink:

I am going away for a solo camp/ride the weekend before - so don’t know if i can swing another one straight away #dadlyf

maybe a Day trip on the Sunday if my wife isn’t working, but can’t guarantee.

Let’s make this happen.

ha!yes… the poll is merely an eye catching marketing ploy.

My thought (and I’d be glad for someone else to do all the thinking) is:
Friday 7pm- meet up at spot, hang out, eat spin around town on no matter what bike you got, sleep some place (canb FOAers to supply backyard camping for the most part).
Sat morn - meet at spot, divide into singletrack (stromlo?)/dirt road (someplace that seb knows about) crews, ride for hours
Sat night - meet at spot, similar deal to Friday night, whatever happens is fine.
Sun morn - Same as sat morn, maybe different spot (stop me if I’m getting a bit loose here). Then divide and ride (IMPORTANTLY: you dont need to do the same kind of riding as the first day!!!).
Sun lunch - meet up/fly/drive home
Sun arvo - Canb FOAers apologize to family and friends for being absent for weekend, but assure them it was worth it.
Sun night - mass upload to instagram.

My take:

Night ride some Bruce Ridge.
Pizza at Gusto
Beers at Bent Spoke

Stromlo front trails, flow and fun
Breakfast at Stand by Me
Stromlo back trails, tech and fun
Lunch at Edgars Inn
Majura laps
Dinner at Bar Rochford for #finetimes
Drinks at Hippo

Coffee + Donuts at Barrio
Firetrail exploration (Majura, Black Mountain, Ainslie, Arboretum)
Lunch at Duxton or Fyshwick Markets for massive craft beer selection.

I don’t have any family or friends! Probably need to apologise to my thesis though…


more tempted…

When are you thinking?

It’s in the title of the post…

CBR Apr 2-3