FOA meet - 10/9/12

hey brainstrust

is everyone still available for the tentatively planned FOA meeting on September 10th?

hoping to have a chat about the show n shine amongst other things.

so who’s free? Electron Workshop about 6ish.

let us know.


I can do it. Diarized.

sweet. would you like the PS1 prior to then? happy either way…

Nah, no rush. Hope it came in handy.
I’ll bring some hot n spicy snacks too!


I’ll bring food too, rather than just spill it everywhere.


Reminder please too…

can do

dude, that’s like, three weeks away. ask me again on september 9th.

better idea, put it in your diary, then everyone else that asks you from here on in will have to look at other dates…

crazy :wink:


here i was thinkin you were busy like the rest of us…

i’d be fucked without my diary, what with all the drug abuse as a teen and all.

hey duders

next monday, 6pm, electron workshop.

topics will include (but are not limited to):

Show n Shine (time/date/judging/categories)
FOA membership
Forum rules (as per points raised in HLC’s pm)
Other events (cup day ride/hillclimb/rollers)

any other topics you guys wanna discuss?


I’ll be there around half six, work n that. I will also try to bring some food.

i wont be able to get there until about 6:30 either

i remembered!

6:30 is fine.

well done nik :slight_smile:

And in return I will spill it everywhere. I also rode beardo bike just for you. Now with even beardoier front wheel.

6.30. in.