Foa pre-roobaix mixer.

you heard it here first.

Not bad for 24 minutes

now also on Facebook:

I grammed it.

Come see how awkward I am in real life.

Now with a hashtag #foapreroobaix

Do they have bike racks?

bike racks/bike stacks, same shit.



don’t let bates get to you

I didn’t say come see how awkward Alex is in relax life.

Ask me about mid nineties post rock and I’m fine.

I will ask you about metal and get cross when you can only talk about Weakling and all will be well.

Okay. Maybe The Fucking Champs as well.

PS: Weakling are the best USBM band.

don’t make me be extroverted for everyone! I’ll do it, and no one wants that.

I do. 1 Scottish extrovert pls.

TC: wish I was coming down for this. Can we do it again next year?

It’s the pancake breakfast, we do it every month.

Yeah, nobody ‘make’ Rolly be extroverted.

I said for everyone JDL!

Rolly, I’ve been listening the shit outta some Scottish band, Big Country. If da pub plays them, will you dance?

I have them on vinyl.