Foa pre-roobaix mixer.

Google map tells me it is 1.5kms from our hotel to the party. That is walking and happy stumbling distance. Happy - fucking - days.

I checked that out last night. When you said a while ago that hotel is on the edge of town, I thought you meant in the outer suburbs. I was relieved to find out it’s central

Assuming its on Rathdowne Street, it’s 750m from where we’re staying.

Is this the PIRATE pub??

yeah, it is. it’s not this one:

This will be weird I still imagine every one on fixed in melburn lives in one giant share house, the back spare room is the foa server

Electron Workshop - Coworking Melbourne - @ 31 Arden St, North Melbourne

The bike storage room would be AWWWWWWWESOME!

… I’m about the same distance and I thought, excellent … just that little bit too far to get stumbling, legless as I need to walk home, or ride to where I’m staying. That’s an older (maybe wider) man talking :wink:

Imagine the smell …

Beer is bloating, isn’t it?

Don’t really like beer that much … tequila’s more my game but without drugs that could be a very short night !!!

“spirito? … dunno, he went to the bar and we lost him”

or I could stick with Rolly Beer™ (ie ginger) and enjoy meeting everyone, putting names to faces and just enjoy people’s company. It’s not everyday you get to touch all these names usually only read in arial or some other boring font on a screen. That’s kind of momentus, really.

Arial? Fuck, all I get is Verdana.

Man my house is 4kms away. Guess I might have to ride, or catch the bus or something.

Well Brendan and I owe each other RB’s (I have lost count of who owes what Brendan), so we can find a nice quiet corner somewhere and talk about the strategy for the race ahead. Who is going to be pulling who through the mountains etc.

C’mon … I’m uncle spirito, be prepared to be touched a little bit :wink:

I thought you were married.

could be … it’s one of them shit ones :wink: