Hey all

As per the title, we are looking for volunteers to help with pack up of the Electron Workshop, some small duties on the day (basically helping with the rego desk/bar/bike rack organising) and then helping get the place back to how it was beforehand so people can work on monday morning with no interruptions.

Friday evening (Nov 29th) 5:30pm:

5 people needed to help dismantle/carry desks/computers etc.
It’s a Friday evening, there’ll likely be a few beers kickin about…

Saturday arvo/night (Nov 30th) 4pm:

1-2 people needed to help on rego desk by checking tickets, allocating swing tags and directing people to the appropriate racks etc.

Sunday mid morning (Dec 1st) ~11:00am:

5 people needed to reset the space and reverse everything that was done on the Friday evening. General tidying up likely too, as well as helping those returning to collect bikes etc.

If you’re able to help, even if only for 30 minutes etc, please let me know, any help is always appreciated.

Please email me at if you can help, and please be patient in awaiting a reply, I’ve got another job too I need to manage!!

Thanks TEAM FOA.

I would love to help mate, genuinely, but I’m going to be on a 2 week Tasmanian adventure. When I first saw the Show and Shine thing I got all excited, but then the date just doesn’t work for me.

Next year though. Maybe I’ll have something to enter by then too…

Likewise, y’know I’d be in rolly but I’m on the Great Vic fixin bikes.

Its like the anti-show and shine.

have you got your cassette de gunking screwdriver ready :stuck_out_tongue:

PS i emailed you rolly

Duration of all of those jobs roby?

good point, thanks mate.

Friday & Sunday you’ll probably only be needed for 60-90 minutes…

Saturday may be longer, but hopefully people will be hanging around and can lend a hand if needed. But rego desk stuff should be sorted by about 4:30-5pm.

Free Beer?

within reason, there’ll definitely be a coupla beers for helpers :slight_smile:

ah crap, helps if i actually include my email!!

Thanks for sharing.