FOA Spring Track Omnium

You’ve all read the melbourne race results thread, the weather is getting nicer, and you’ve probably even ridden around a velodrome once or twice before, now heres your chance for a bit of fun competition

A traditional style track omnium consisting of a bunch of track events,
depending on how many people rock up it could be done as either a knock out or points based competition
sort of a Fixed.Org.Au Ball or Party but based around what we do best, RIDING

Bikes will be restricted to Fixed Gear/Tarck/Track bike’s, unicycles oah and Fixies
(i will be highly encouraging people to race brakeless and will be around all day to help with removal and replacement of brakes prior and post event)

Entry will be $10 dollars, all entry money will go towards a booze run and then cash money prizes.
No sponsors, No bull shit prizes for best bike or most improved just Cash money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

But guys and girls dont be scared off by only 1st, 2nd and 3rd getting the prize money, there will be at least 1 handicap event being held to shake things up! Your all in with a chance!

Also im going to be taking my BBQ down so feel free to bring food to cook

15th october, brunswick velo - Google Maps

Fuck, Gene, this is pretty rad.

Do you race yourself?

In fo sheezy.

Dang, would love to watch but it’s the same day as the Hearld Sun tours Arthurs Seat stage which I also wanna watch.

Ah, this made me laugh.

Great idea for an event! should be an awesome day and I’m sure heaps of people will be siked on having a go.
Pity I’ll be working, ahwell.

This is a rad idea Gene, where did you get it…?

nice idea GZA.

two points though:

  1. please ensure no one from the club knows about this.
  2. please clean up thoroughly. the kids clinic will be the next day.

Sweet! I’m in.

/me runs off to buy a 14t rear cog

Sweet! I better get back on the bike and do some training. What are we doing for tunes? The best i can do is one of these:

It does a decent job though.

tunes would be rad justin,

will, you and steve had your time, i emailed you both for input, and today i got super bored so i made it happen, stil plenty of time for input though boys! i only set the date and made the poster alot more has to happen yet

i will be sure to make it all nice and clean, the only reason im not running it on a sunday is coz i know the clinic will be on

and guys/girls dont be scared off by only 1st, 2nd and 3rd getting the prize money, there will be at least 1 handicap event being held to shake things up!

i might fly over to attend this…

Now I have to build a fixed gear. Feck. What about single speed mountain bikes?

Just geeing you up and besides, I would much prefer to ride in an event organised by you rather than yours truly!

heck GZA, you’re going to have a hard time riding all 6 events on your unicycle!

I’m down but without being a party-pooper, I’m worried about Alf and Dave finding out about this and giving us an almighty arse-kicking. What’s the G-O, brendan?

Is Hawthorn dromedary a better option? Safer? Smoother? Grassy? Shady?

I’m driving out of Perth on the Wednesday for my return to Melbourne, should be able to make it to Brunswick in time. 3 days in a car with truck stop food, perfect preparation. Now I just have to let my wife know i am traveling Perth to Daylesford via Brunswick.

I’ll lend you a bike if you wish to attend.

I don’t understand what the big deal would be (im probably missing something here). Isn’t the velodrome on public property? And how could the cycling club be held responsible for anything that may occur?

both alf and dave would probably both privately endorse it. as it stands, if it’s not a club event, and the club doesn’t know anything about it, that absolves the club of responsibility. we’ve had requests like this in the past, and the general response is a washing of hands. this also means, however, that if there is an accident, and someone gets a little lawsuit-happy, it’s totally on the individual organizing it.

when i first saw this i put on my old man hat and thought “oh man, so much could go wrong there,” but then, as i thought about it, i figured that this event is significantly safer than any alleycat anywhere, and those run all the time, without insurance or anything. so go forth and prosper, young GZA. may your unicycle stay strong.

i do, however, reckon preston track would be a better option. like hawthorn, flatter and easier to ride. plus, it’s just like the horsham track, so it’d be good christmas carnivals training.

(as an aside, if anyone wants to be on the club committee, nominations are up. there won’t be elections - if you want a job, you’ll probably get it. other than prez, of course)

in my eyes this is simply a bbq with some friends with a little bit of riding nothing else to worry about for the club

as for my choice of brunswick
for 1 its kind of the home of melbourne foa in my eye’s,
i did consider coburg as i live right around the corner but the banks are quite steep and it is just an all round less hospitable velo
and hawthorn is just really far away from me personally,

and as always with all allycats, some one may get hurt, and that will suck, but a velo with a restricted numbers of riders on it at a time has to be safer than running red lights in the cbd on a friday night…

and brendan yes unicycles are fixed gears so if some one wants to race one they can go for it,(unfortunately i will be hosting this so unable to race on mine)

kier kiasu DO IT!