FOA Tour de Film Night - July 18th

Alright, we’re having another film night, but this time we’re gonna kick on and watch what will arguably be one of the best stages of the Tour as well.

Stage 18 will see the peloton climb Alpe d’Huez TWICE, and we’re gonna keep each other awake at The Electron Workshop and hope that it’s a stage full of attacks and melodrama (as opposed to the SKY train boring the shit out of us). That said, if they do, you’ll be able to nod off in comfort in your own deckchair and under the mighty gas heaters we will have firing.

There’ll be food, drinks (no BYO), snacks, COFFEE PEDDLR van INSIDE the workshop, deckchairs, gas heating, a BIG screen, raffle, maybe a quiz.

The movie will involve ninjas, narcotics gangs, cheesy 80’s rock and gore. IT’S GONNA BE SPECIAL.

So mix it up a bit, get to Domestique every other night, but keep the 18th free for another FOA spectacular.

Tell ya mates :slight_smile:

Wish I could be there!*


featuring the first ever live installment of xbbx and fj talk pro cycling?

if you two wanna do it, i’ll make it happen.

we’ll talk.

like anyone can stop you…

We’ll be donating a pair of Creux Jeans for the Raffle. See you folks there.

i always forget your username mate!!

thanks for the support :slight_smile:

There’s also a Track Sabbath Vol 2 shirt up for grabs in the raffle. Guaranteed vomit-free.

If you win that and the Creux jeans… you’ll be set!

it’s true, i even remembered to bring it into the EW today!

I plan on winning the pants and shirt, I shall turn up nude.

one less snag we’ll need for the bbq…

ok folks, we’ve got some shout outs to do!!


Creux, Saint Cloud, Knog and Pony Bikes are all chipping in to help organise some rad prizes for the raffle as well as bags of coffee courtesy of Coffee Peddlr and roasted by FOA’s very own, ‘coffee’ Ben. Track Sabbath tee also up for grabs courtesy of ZOLTAN.

We’ve got a mic, brendan and HMC are going to try and do a better job of commentating than Paul and Phil and there’s going to be some kind of shambolic quiz where you can win some more cool trinkety type things.

There’ll be snacks (food/dinner options TBA), beverages (no BYO pls) and a HUGE SCREEN thanks to Valhalla Social Cinema, so come down and watch a serious stage of the Tour without taking any of it too seriously.

Doors at 7pm - Ninja movie at 8pm - Tour when SBS start their coverage on TV.

Got questions? Let me know - or by posting here.


Is there an option of sleeping over, say, if i bring a mat and bag, maybe a pillow?

uhhhhh, no.

but surely someone has a couch/floor you could crash on…??

Poler Napsack or GTFO.

how mean is roli!? down with roli!

why do i get the feeling i’m missing something…

JP, you can crash on my couch if you’re serious, but i’ll be home fkn late and up early, just so you know.

That one of Sky coming out of the tunnel is excellent.

EDIT: wrong thread. whatever - still good.

Nah, my question was so sincerrr. I might be missing something too.

I am headed to Vic that night, getting into/out of north melb would be an extra couple hundred K but might be do-able and sounds like a good time.

Love the pic of the rad surf guy with beard, drapped in napsack, leaving his almost caved-in K-mart tent, looking down, lamenting how crap his modelling career is turning out to be.