Focale 44 s-express

New here, found this forum today after buying my first fixie. Great to find a place for like minded people in Aus.

I picked up a Focale 44 s-express recently and am really enjoying riding fixed, haven’t done much riding in my life, but I think I will do this long term.

It’s a size 53, a tad big for me
In a raw finish with stock Focale bits



Welcome aboard. I think you and me are the only two people here still riding fixed.

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Haha me,you and I just found out that my friend rides fixed as well last night, so it’s still a thing!

What are you riding?


I use and endorse a Kona Paddywagon bought new in 2009. It’s still my go-to general riding/commuting machine.

My other fixie is a McBain Record circa 1982. This bike was my first ‘project’; sourcing parts and putting everything together. Still love it, but it’s more of a fairweather bike these days.

Then there’s my two roadies, but you don’t want to hear about them.

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looks like it’s becoming a thing again!

but fk the roadies… hahaha

That paddy wagon looks awesome, I would like something high end like that now since I know fixies are my thing.

My focale is just a bit too big for me, bruised my shin getting off it on the weekend and am on the search for something like a Soma Rush in a 49cm or anything nice in my size with full crmo frame and fork, just want something to last me years and years of riding but this pandemic has jacked the prices on bicycles everything seems so overpriced now.


There’s a reason nobody here rides fixed. It’s because if you stick around long enough you’ll be converted into riding a fat-tyred drop-barred bike-packing rig through the bush wearing a flanno and working on a beard. And probably a roadie, and a MTB, and a very sensible commuter.

That said, some here (me) tend to get excited around spring, build up a new fixie, ride it around during the Summer Of Track Bike, and then sell it again in autumn when the weather turns. This autumn I sold a nice Steamroller with Phil wheels. Last autumn (or maybe 2018) it was a full NJS build Makino. Who knows what the warm weather will bring this year.


Nice diddy, each to their own I guess.

I only really have the space for one bike and don’t want to be spending too much on bicycles, so figured a fixie would be good, no gears, less maintenance

What’s this summer of track that you speak of?

Search “SOTB” in the forum search function and you’ll see.

you must be new to this game.

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get around fixies, maddest chariots.

SOTB sounds interesting, is there one on this year?

Haha I am new to this game, but surely one bike is enough?

Fixies are nice and niche!

It’s every year!

Sorry, I don’t understand.

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I can’t seem to find deets for this years one in Sydney or has covid cancelled it?

@P_N20 wait I do understand, I’ve got three motorbikes, one daily, one project and a spare for the project bike

If you guys were going to keep one frame long term, would a high end Columbus tubing alloy bike do? Or should I go down the path of steel? I’ve found a mystic rats in my size.

SOTB is a state of mind, not an event.

For a long-term frame, I like steel. But if it’s the right size and you like the colour just get it. Material doesn’t matter if you don’t like how it looks and feels.

Thanks man, I think I’ll look in to steel for long term. Cheers!

enjoy your bike, you’ll love it and get addicted to tinkering with it or upgrading parts.

theres not much activity on this forum anymore, because all the regular posters got old and jaded and out grew fixies which is OK - but then they chastised anyone coming on here to post about fixies. Literally still there can be no mention of a fixed gear bike without an avalanche of irony. crazy how that killed off a fixed gear forum…

theres still shitloads of useful info here though if you need to look stuff up or want to learn more

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interesting take on it. probs some truth to it too. but you imply there wasn’t a shitload of irony on here prior to people becoming old and jaded and outgrowing fixies… i seem to recall a fuckload more hazing/flaming of n00bz back when fixies were actually far more popular than they are today.

i’d argue that the reduction in forum traffic is far more the result of other platforms taking preference, such as instagram groups etc. that’s my experience at least. this forum seems to me to be a community of people that like bikes first and foremost, it was just fixies that happened to catch a lot of their attention, resulting in joining here coz it was harder to access decent track gear through your local shop, which then evolved along with user interests (bikepacking, CX, MTB etc).

my 2c.


true rolly.

I copped a heap of flames in the summer of fixie 2k7 but stuck around. The internet has just moved on from forums to a large extent. There are still a lot of kids getting around fixed, but as an old fart I have no idea where they’re congregating either virtually or IRL.

This forum became more about the people than the bikes a long time ago, as noted by roby.


I fucking love fixies there is zero irony. The problem is all the grubs who got really into camping.