Fondriest - anyone ridden?

Are they supposed to be any good?

Looking to upgrade my roadie. Will be used for road races / kinglake/dandies etc

What model and group?
What budget are you looking at?
Most the euro stuff is over priced.

Tf2 1.0 2011 - 9 months old. Running Red. A mate of a mate’s etc, so been offered good deal.

Before this deal, was considering Tarmac Pro Sl4 (Red), TCR Advanced SL 0 (Di2), Supersix 2 (Red) etc.

Only just starting to think about it now, hence a little all over the shop regarding options

Any of those bikes are nice,
I like the specialized my self but i think they all would do the job,
All around the $5000-$6000?

Yeah - that’s the budget. I’m not sure about the Roval wheels spec’d with the Tarmac.

Most shops will be happy to swap them out and do an adjustment with some mavics or what ever else you prefer.

What don’t you like about rovals?

Check out some reviews on the cervelo r3, I’ve been tossing up on an upgrade for exactly the purposes you’ve mentioned and it’s come up trumps. For your budget you could get something spec’d really nice.
I know Nick from Saint Cloud is about to stock them so if it’s something that takes your fancy maybe go and see him this week.

My picks would be
Cervelo r3
Cannondale super six
Argon 18 gallium pro
In no order may be even see how much ultegra di2 is

These two would be my picks. The Super Six is a fucking amazing bike for the money, and they always look good.

fondriests are ok, very stiff, very very stiff, but not in a nice or useful way, (like neil pryde bikes). the cabling is a prick and the geo is so so.

great bike, for 6 months.

get a nice frame and nice wheels over a second tier electronic group which won’t make you go one second faster.

get a tarmac. or a cracknfail. the argon is a good bike if you are into that. colnago cx-1s are currently on special too. would do want you want to do better than most.

From what I’ve heard ultegra di2 is great a mate has just put it on his new argon and loved it.
But yeah nice wheels are a must.

i’m not saying it isn’t. i’m saying that your groupset doesn’t affect how the bike rides. it won’t turn a corner any better because it has electronic shifty bits. the only time that a grouppo will make a difference is in top level crit racing…and at the coffee shop.

All good points - thanks guys. Will start the search.

PS re the rovals, could be misinformed, but heard they felt heavy when riding (from a mate)

Also - so no love for the tcr sl? If so, why?

+1 for more $$ on better wheels and frame Vs getting an electronic group, Have you ridden all these frames or just a couple of things you’ve heard on the grapevine?

fondrest on sale at that small little bike shop just south of johnson st on smith st

ridden them all.

and roval wheels are crap. they aren’t aero. thus they are crap.

Just got a TCR Advanced 0, it rules and is cheap. The Advanced 2 is the same package sans Di2 and is cheaper! You could get some sikkkk carbon tubs with the money saved.