Foofy porteur bike thread.

Custom: Haulin’ Colin

Flat platform, burly crown mount: Civia Cycles

Fenced, burly crown mount: Civia Cycles

Flat, but fenceable, axle mounts included: Soma Porteur Rack- Black CrMo

Crappy: VO Porteur Rack

Freight Baggage: Freight Baggage — PORTEUR RACK BAG

Swift: Polaris Porteur Bag from Swift Industries | handmade bicycle panniers and accessories (Shorten the depth, remove the overhang on the rack)

Friend has an ILE that’s super well priced and appears to work well so far.
Rack Bag | Inside Line Equipment | Cycling bags

Ruth Works: Ruth Works SF: Prices and Ordering

Laplander: Laplander bags — Home

Heavy: Heavy Porteur Bag | Heavy Bags

Lemolo: Bags/Prices/Info | Lemolo Baggage

Get BODave to whip something up.

Search ebay/local suppliers for tackle bags and repurpose…

Latest iteration of my foofy porteur (footiéur), aka the Travesty. 700D->650B.

Thanks to Erle, it now has a sick OG Jim Blackburn rack that is much more solid than a tang mount one, all the better for overloading the basket with footies and ginger beers. Now with BO Gear Duffel bag!

Don’t think I ever posted pics of this, but it did make an appearance at the show & shine. Incomplete Streets’ Zeus. 700C->650B:

See this tiny little flat tang anchoring the rack to the fork? SHIT HOUSE. Don’t buy the Velo Orange ‘porteur’ rack. Not footy carrying approved. Swift Industries Polaris Porteur bag.

rSogn shimergo catastrophe mobile. 11-9 shimergo, beardo frenzy ritchey logic compact cranks. 1000 yard stare from the cat. 650Beardo. Swift Industries Ozette XL bag

This is how you anchor a rack if you don’t have two points on the crown. That is solid rod, not tube.

Thnx Blakey <3

owww, i read this thread title wrong. i thought it was gonna be about people carrying footies on their bikes.

In that case!!!
Front rack / basket suggestion? I’ve read through the forum and am close to ordering a large Sunlite front basket.

Would prefer a rack like Gene has on his merckx but unsure of brand / where to get them from!

gene’s basket wouldn’t be any good for carrying footies. it’s too shallow.

Doesn’t he have a sweet rack rather than a basket?

you’re missing the point. he can’t carry footies on the front of his bike.

What if he has a cargo net?

What would the theoretical footy-carrying limit be? Front and rear baskets, some sort of frame bag hanging under the top tube… lowrider footy mounts on the fork???

define foofy?

1950 Herse …

contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t refer to a game where the ball is kicked with the foot, but rather a game that is played on foot. you know, as opposed to games played on horseback. true!

oh, wait…

Help me choose a front rack plz! :confused:

just go into commuter cycles and ask for the one that can carry the most footies. problem solved!

how many footies you wanna carry? basket? cargo net? will you be carrying your boots as well?


This looks like it has Garmin interface & printing


get one like genes!


It’s pretty much exactly what I want but I don’t know what brand / model it is. I sent him a PM - see if he responds!

So many questions.

Footy carrying is SRS BSNSS.