Foofy porteur bike thread.

sick. love that silver rack he’s running.

[Citation needed]

Rack, rack, city bitch, city bitch


I don’t care what urban dictionary says, in my family “foofy” always meant grubby, as in a bit dirty but in an endearing way, e.g. baby’s bib. Have since found other people in country NSW that knew the same meaning.

So that René Herse doesn’t look foofy to me.

There’s Gamoh racks too. One of them and a cargo net, I reckon you could carry five footies, more if they were slightly deflated.

I got it completely the other way … drinks like pina colada’s, frilly lace curtains and excessive adornment. The Herse isn’t that either … I just love the rear hub !!

Possibly a portmanteau of fluffy or frilly and poofy. (Wiktionary)

First post now filled with footy bikes!

Sincere thread = invitation to silly sausages (foa tradition)

Nice bikes Blakey !!

^^ Da real sausage fest.

On topic, just ordered a Soma Porteur rack.

Will review, featuring how many footies it can carry.

Significantly better than the VO.

B. Bailey (2013) Shut Up, Brendan Publishing, Reservoir, P.5

do you need to borrow some footies for accurate measurement of capacity?

Here’s ‘Nautical Dub’ by Porteur Racks.

Porter Ricks - Nautical Dub - YouTube

Blakey - I am slightly worried though that the axle mount will mean I don’t have enough axle left for my track hub… is that a compication?

I also want to whack it all on the nature boy plus the carbon fork I got from your linka while ago (my bike is essentially curated by products endorsed by Blakey), other complications are?

I want to use a tektro crown hanger, can I use that in conjunction with the rack crown bolt and hanger as some kind of combo? Or stil to spacer hanger?

whatever happened to backpacks

remember when all the young skater kids used to skate with backpacks that had nothing in them



Now they strap their empty backpacks to their racks.

JLN’s bike is ineligible for this thread coz high trail. Not foofy enough.

Great book!