Foofy porteur bike thread.

strapping a backpack to the seatpost was a bit of a craze for a few weeks wasnt it??

Check out this crown. Rack, fender, brake hanger all on the one bolt. If you can dream it you can do it.

If your axle’s too short, get a longer axle. Or P-clamp to the bottom of your fork blades.

I only carry empty messenger bags or shoe boxes for my sneaker collection on there anyway.

TC: the last thing I carried was a handbag for my wife. It was in a box, it’s a birthday present for her.

Once, because the rack wouldn’t fit on the bike (no brake hole). I reckon I could get a Wald basket on there now though.


For the footy fans


I’ll just leave this here:

Porteur | It’s all about how you carry yourself

^ the worst.


What is it that makes some copy seem so insincere and gag-worthy??

What’s the big idea?
Every day, we make a difference. In life, at work, with friends. We express ourselves, listen, influence and create – as individuals, as people. encourage you to do your thing, all the way. In style. An international community, very much defined by how we carry ourselves. The Porteur bicycle itself is our symbol. Designed for a unique look and feel, but made truly special by those who use it. The first bicycles are sold in limited edition only. They all come with a promise: for every Porteur bicycle sold, another bicycle is donated to youths in projects for developing countries. One for one, we pay it forward.

The words I can tune out but I couldn’t look past the horizontal dropouts which are not parallel with the ground…

I’m actually ok with that (nothing else though). Same as semi-horizontals, no need to adjust brake pads.

When is FOA becoming

lemme go check domain availability…

i’d actually wear the T-shirt (if it could fit).

Is there a thread I should rear re @blakeyplz name change??

Where does one source a longer front axle for a sealed formula/origin8/blb generic hub? I need foofy.

Wheels manufacturing make a 9mm x 155mm. I think the thread should be compatible but i’d ask to be sure if the axle you need has a shoulder or raised centre profile (which I think it does) for sealed bearings. If so you might need to get that lathe working :wink:

Harris Cyclery has the WheelsManu stuff and do ok postage to Oz. You can check with SCV imports and see if they still carry their stuff and if the have one in stock. Then your lbs can order through them. Both options will cost about the same.

Lastly, I’d check with Velocity here in oz as their hubs are similar spec. to yours … the may have some longer axle options.

Call me crazy but i’d go p-clamps.

Thanks Spirito - shot off an email to BLB to find exactly what make their hubs are and if they do replacements, would be the easiest route. Was thinking of upgrading the wheelsets anyway so depending on cost may just put the funds towards something nicer.

In regards to p-clamps, have gone down that road and dont like the look, plus it’ll be a carbon fork.