foot wear/gear Thread

slightly sparked interest from the purchases thread. it seems like something people would be particular about to due to it needing to last and be comfortable.

what sort of shoes do you use/find best for riding in? do you prefer cages, cleats or neither?

chuck taylors mainly. though since getting mks sylvan pedals i find the pedals dig into my feet a bit. and the laces can get a little stuck on the clips.
but hey, i wear chucks

I ride in Vans. Usually Half Cabs or Era’s. Sometimes I ride in adidas Gazelle’s, but they can be slippery on wet pedals.

All my bikes have MKS Sylvans. One has MKS clips, one has the Kid Killy plastic doubles, one has some random metal clips.


MKS Sylvans + MKS clips require a bit of padding.
I used to ride them in a pair of Vans/ Emerica canvas rigs, but was getting pretty uncomfortable, so i just run my SB Dunks now. Much better.

Vans slip on eras- though I wish they’d come with a reinforced toe in a big foot size

Era is a lace up.

CSO is a slipon.

Era LX comes regularly with a leather toe box.

what colourways do they come in?

I did a bit of research when I picked up the trainers I use on my daily commute with mks sylvan pedals. I wanted a pair that would last, get in and out of the pedals relatively easily and most importantly that were functional for cycling by having a fairly stiff sole. I ended up with these that cost about $100 from footlocker from memory. They are great.


sidi dominator 5’s and eggbeaters or vans n double straps

Sidi ?'s and shimano pedals. I can’t stand soft soles or float.
Hanging for a good looking spd compatible shoe as I always look like a knob walking around a pub with cycling shoes.

for clipless i ride Mavic Pulses , super comfortable.
for straps i ride in Volleys or Vans

but why the fuck would you stop making the shoes in black, only to continue them in white. ARE YOU CRAZY MR SHIMANO!?

Kiwicyclist is once again SPOT ON the money kids. Ride street in Superstars as I’ve stated previously.

You kids could learn a lot from this man. He could even have a sticky Style Shrink thread on the forum IMHO.

MKS AR-8s with MKS clips, ive been running these for a while now. Need to get me a black pair :expressionless:

I tried to ride in a pair once, but they just didn’t feel right.

Vans “Fixies” FTW.

what if you rock your superstars laceless like Run DMC…

They’ll probably fall off on the upstroke.

Carbon soled shimano’s…two or three years old now, but super comfy. Have the same pedals on my roadie, fixed, etc. so i can jump on any bike with same pair of shoes. Works a charm.