foot wear/gear Thread

Those things are bombproof. Had a pair for bloody ages now ~ 8 years of seasonal use including a few years of MTB racing. They are beaten to shit but the sole is still stiff, they haven’t stretched and even though I want a new pair, they don’t actually need to be replaced yet.

Bonts are good if you have wide neanderthal feet (like me) - tried some mid range shimano carbon soled shoes before them but they were too narrow and uncomfortable - just sorry it took me about 2yrs to work that out but I must be a slow learner.

Now if only I could get these in a size 9…

Asics “Keirin”.

Try the Onitsuka Tiger store in Sydney or ring Asics Oceania on + 61 3 9501 2900 to see if anyone in Australia distributes them.

I’ve got the 2010 Spring/Summer wholesale catalogue and they don’t appear in there so your chances aren’t good but still worth a shot.

for the daily commute, whatever shitty canvas skate shoes are currently the most thrashed out of the ones I own.

Currently, gross stinky Etnies slip ons.

Prior to that, a pair of Eras that the cat had vomitted on and were all stained up.

I like the narrower shoes better to get into the cages with - dunks were too puffy and i got my foot stuck in the cgae wearing them once and fell off in front of lots of people.

I’ve been wearing Vans for riding ever since I started, but I’m dying to get a pair of these!!!

holy fuck, is there a prize for most awesome, but ugliest shoe ever?
cos, goddamn, they take the cake…they are so much worse than the Sabbath chucks i had my eye on.


i like to ride with my volleys, very soft sole but i love riding with them.

might give the van’s route a go in the near future

+1 for Volleys. Great for winter as I couldn’t give a shit how dirty they get.

Mine almost clip into my MKS sylvans know as I have a fairly deep pedal imprint in the sole… might be time to replace them.

Yeah same here, I alternate between chucks and volleys, but it’s mainly volleys- cheap as hell so don’t really care that they wear through after a while and they’re nice and comfy when you’re off the bike at the pub

I don’t think they make them any more. All the online stores I’ve seen they go up to size 4 or 4.5!

But yeah, supposedly they are the actual shoes they use for Keirin racing.

I’m riding in carbon soled Specialized shoes with Time Atacs.
I think I liked my old Shimano plastic soled shoes better, especially since most of the time I’m just riding to work or the shops. They were also much better for walking around in due to a little bit of flex.

excellent choices…

lotek nightwolf slims have been doing a great job for me lately as well.

(quality control was an issue for lotek but it appears to be better now)
stiff soles > flexy (chucks/volleys/eras) for riding.


Mine aren’t holding up too well. Got them 2 months ago and they’ve already torn in a couple of places.

these look great, nice hard sole and are cheap at BSC too, like $70.

interesting… i’ve had mine for nearly 6mths and they are showing a little wear on the toe cap from my toe clips but thats it.

of course i dont ride kids bikes with mine :wink:

compared to eras and authentics they are wearing well in my opinion (even moreso if you compare sole wear).

i know that they dont sell through anywhere nearly as quick here as they do overseas so it might be some old ‘bad’ batches (or they might still be having quality control issues).

either way, id buy them again…

Loteks are 40percent off rrp at strictly bmx in melbourne if anyone was keen to try them out, or stock up on more.
They do mail order also.

I personally hated the pair that I rode bmx in. Threw them out after a week, but that’s another story!

Northwave Raptors, and time atacs.

Shoe’s are fucked though, missing a strap, tears all over the places, sole has worn through completely, just walking on the cleat now. I’d buy some new shoes but I need a new helmet first. I won’t get another pair of Northwaves again. I think Sidi will be my next shoe.

Loteks are 40percent off rrp at strictly bmx in melbourne if anyone was keen to try them out

still nowhere near worth it imo, not comfortable, fabric rips and sole is about to fall away from the upper, maybe just the particular shoes im wearing or my fucked up feet but definitely not going back to Loteks