For people who ask. "What bike...why 650b..."

I get mates asking about what bike they should buy all the time, usually these days its about grav bikes.

I got sick of explaining 650b to them, so i made a diagram that i send them. Like a form letter, as soon as the subject comes up. Here tis.

Yeah its not crazy accurate. But it gets the idea across.



I never really got 650B and never really bothered to look into it either. This is stupid simple and makes a lot of sense. Thank you!

It’s also not often a choice, as it depends on clearance. If you want to run bigger tyres (45mm+), 650B is often the only option. Not many frames take 50mm 700s.

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It makes so much sense when you see it like that eh

I have a bit of a spiel I’ve been forwarding to people when they ask me about electric bikes. It’s not as simple as this diagram, but it’s good to not have to write the same thing over and over

Ive really opened myself up to some "well akshuley"s, so to clarify, its not totally accurate. Like i think its equivalent to a
42mm tyre. And the weight savings are well under 500g but still.

Another bonus is that they are a bit stiffer/stronger

Big tyres on 700c can feel like you are riding a horse.

Here are the two bikes I ride most of the time these days (for fun, not for commuting)

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 10.17.45 pm

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 10.18.03 pm

I posted about the Look recently here

As a pair they’re a reasonable example of what this 650b thing is all about, but they’re very different bikes in other ways. I’ve ridden them both on the same loops a few times now and although they feel very different with totally different SensationsTM, there’s not a lot in them speed wise. The Look has surprised me with its comfort on paved roads over <4hrs too.

But 650b opens up all sorts of rougher surfaces, and over longer distances. I’d much rather be on it for a whole day or more (I think. I haven’t ridden the Look that far to be fair).

This isn’t a thorough analysis with a strong answer. Just my thoughts

Incidentally, I replaced the 700c x 32mm wheel on the back of my commuter with a 650b x 55mm and it’s very comfy.