For the skateboarders

This would be worth heading to. Dennis Booze and tits. Silas, the list goes on, oh and Some Mark Gonzales guy also.

I’d been keen to see the gonz skate in person.

This would be sick - surely they’re coming to Sydney!?

Jake Donnelly - Real Skateboards, Since Day One - YouTube
Jake Donnelly hype!
(also, alot of Real are on Adidas, i just noticed)


Awesome video on the Busenitz pro shoe here also.

Adidas Skateboarding Dennis Busenitz Shoe - YouTube

The Adidas skateboarding clips are freaking rad. The Japan, Brazil, Spain and Montreal clips are all up on YouTube. Worth watching.

The Adidas team is easily one of my favourites right now. I’d love to see Silas, Dennis and Nestor skate in real life. Same with The Gonz.

EDIT: Looks like pretty much the whole team, minus Tim O’Connor?

whats the go, only melbs. need to head to brizzy boys

shit yeah. will be sick!

never heard of him… :wink:

Worth the time and energy for B’n’T alone!

YES!! that back smith

anyone wanna go down and get something signed for me? I’m asuming they’ll have posters there to get signed.
can’t get the time off work to get over and it’d look sweet next to my signed enjoi team poster…

i’ll happily sort out postage cash and throw in an extra $20 for your troubles.

just a reminder this is on tomoz.