Forum Changes

You’ve probably noticed by now that the forum structure has changed a bit. Some forums have been merged and the layout on the main page has been rearranged. These changes are designed to make the forums cleaner and easier to use, and a safer environment for all of us and the little children who are our future.

Along with those changes there are a couple of new forum rules.

The fixed gear forum is for topics about anything related to fixed gear bikes and riding that does not fit in any other forum.

The pub forum is for anything that is NOT fixed gear related.

The For Sale forums are unchanged but the eBay forum is not justifying its existence. The eBay forum is only for links to eBay items which may be of interest to other members. Inappropriate posts may be deleted without trace.

Initially we’ll have a period of community based moderation for everybody’s comfort and protection but in time errant posts will be deleted or threads locked, so please try to post in the right forum and help avoid housework for the moderator overlords.

Just be thankful the zombie monkeys don’t visit here much anymore.

Looks good. Just for the record the ebay forum is one of my favourite parts of this site, there’s loads of interesting things that get posted and even the stuff that’s so bad it’s funny is good to look at.

+1 the eBay forum is definitely a highlight. Even the less serious ones are a great read sometimes.

+2 for ebay forum. the jackassery there is what makes it great. allow it to be organic, if you restrict it to just serious posts ppl will lose interest and it’ll die.

No CraigC forum?

+3, I really mostly visit it for the funny stuff that’s posted

shame the trading forum changed for users with a higher post count. I was after a few things, but am not sure if anyone has replied. oh well. back to ebay for parts I guess for this newb. :frowning:

Yeah, what is up with the For Sale change without any notification to existing members? Get a grip on yourselves guys - it is pretty elitist. This sort of change should be posted so that people are actually made aware of the change, rather than being forced to go through a number of threads to figure out what is going on. If there are limitations, that should be listed somewhere so people can understand their membership to the site.

You’ll probably find that what attracts people to this site is the For Sale section. That means that you won’t actually get many new users getting a post-count high enough, because they won’t stick around from the start. Most people get into fixed riding through the bikes and the parts and get into the social side later.

But, of course, you may not want this site to be a trading post. Fair enough. But in such a case you should make that clear. Anyway - I’m out.

IMO, dropping in to pick up bargains and then disappearing is not what this place is about. Or else… getting dicked around by guys (usually noobs or lurkers)who say they’ll buy something and then pull out when you knocked back a few other offers in the meantime, just ruins it for everyone.

I think, the idea of this place was to support a community of riders and their needs. You buy, you sell, you ask advice and give advice. You don’t just take. *You can take the piss however.

You get out of it, what you put into it.

2c :slight_smile:

See ya

This. Well put.

You only need 25 posts, it’s not that much of a commitment to ensure smooth spam free running of the forum.

I guess it depends on where you place the emphasis: a community or riders? or a community of riders? I would prefer the former, but this change seems to support the latter.

Sure the For Sale section may attract some people you would not want on the site. And, maybe some regulation of the section is necessary. BUT, if it is to be regulated then post the site rules and restrictions.

Well this part was never made clear. That is my problem.

Ok, taken on board. It is something we have discussed in the open forum on numerous occasions on where we could go to make it better.

We’ll try and get something up to make everything clear.

It’s definitely a good move, and its not like this place is the only place to do it… most other bike forums have a trading access to scheme to stop people joining up just to flog their shit.

I think having a post threshold is a good idea insofar as it will reduce - greatly reduce I’d wager - the amount of traffic this site gets.

I’m not sure that publicising the number of posts before you get access is a great idea, it’s pretty much opening the door to a million new posts in almost every forum with the title “HAVE YUO SENE THIS?” and then a youtube link to artistic cycling and/or Danny MacAskill. Only 24 post to go, fella!

The hilarity that follows may rival the ebay thread though, so maybe it’s worth it :smiley:

I think it is fair enough - I’m still fairly much a newb, but have been trying to contribute to forums etc, but even in the time I have been on the forum I have noticed the increase in people solely using it for ebay and parts.

If newbs (like me) want to get involved, then get involved, don’t just leech onto the good deals that are going in the for sale section!

I’m not sure that publicising the number of posts before you get access is a great idea, it’s pretty much opening the door to a million new posts in almost every forum with the title “HAVE YUO SENE THIS?” and then a youtube link to artistic cycling and/or Danny MacAskill. Only 24 post to go, fella!

Surely those posts can be modified or deleted anyway, so they won’t be used to get to the post limit?

It’s already been stated the permaBAN stick will be swung if that’s the case and you’ll be back to square one. Simple. Over and over again. It is quite easy for us to moniter if you’re in the average daily post count.

I guess it depends on what you want the site to be. Is it for the current group of ‘fixy hipsters’ to communicate, or do you want to encourage more people to join in? It’s already quite cliquey and I get the feeling that it is not always the most welcoming towards newcomers. Has the total number of fixed gear riders now reached maximum capacity?

As has been mentioned above, the For Sale section encourages new riders to buy bits and pieces to put together a bike. Why force them away from a fixed gear specific site to general bicycle sites to search for parts/bikes? I can certainly understand having a post minimum before selling items, but why prevent outsiders from even seeing that a For Sale section exists let alone posting in it? Realise too that this greatly restricts the market that you can sell to at the same time.


It’s not rocket science, Just hang around post a bit learn some things. Then buy your shit,

It’s no big deal.